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Lucky To Cope is dancer’s newest partner

Jennifer Quail spent more cash filling her closet with ballroom-dance dresses than she did buying Lucky, a racehorse she hoped to bring on a different type of foxtrot. “But I can hang a dress in my closet,” she says. Horses need just a little more legroom, and the financial outlay for upkeep and veterinary maintenance is more pricey than sequins and lace, she adds. So for the years she lived in Greater Boston, a region of the country not exactly known for its inexpensive property, Quail satisfied her dancing bug, but merely “window shopped” for a horse. “I used to […]

A 28 year old TB is muse for calendar project

In the very moment the arresting chestnut mare came trotting into Louise Ferro Martin’s field of vision, the search was over. As quickly as she knows a great photograph when she’s taken one, the amateur horse photographer knew that the 19th horse she had looked at was in fact her horse. It was 23 years ago and as she says, “I had been looking for a while and I’d learned to ask all the right questions and look them over carefully. But with Deena, as soon as I saw the dealer ride into the ring on her, I said, ‘That’s […]

Suffolk Downs publicist buys first racehorse

To hear Jessica Paquette describe the byplay she shared with What a Trippi at Suffolk Downs a couple years ago, one might be reminded, just a little, of the famous meeting decades earlier between Seabiscuit and trainer Tom Smith. For it was at Suffolk Downs that Seabiscuit was said to have nodded at Smith, making such an impression that Smith promised himself the two would meet again. And it was at the same track two years ago that Paquette had her own fateful moment with a short, grumpy racehorse she would vow to own. The 15.2 hand bay was entering […]