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It’s (not) a hard-knock life

Stat Box Race name: Great Answer Barn name: Annie/now Willow Show name: Girl Talk Sire: Gimmeawink Dam: She Said Possibly Height: 15 1/2 The delicate filly, so tiny people say she looks like she was ‘shrunk in the dryer,’ had a laundry list of problems when Ted Mielcarz met her. Just healing from a left tendon tear, the horse named Annie locked a stifle three weeks after embarking on light training. So when Mielcarz got the call from the barn at 9 p.m. in late October last year, he started having second thoughts about adopting the horse at all. “But […]

Rasor D slays new owner

Stat Box Tattoo: Z28224 Race name: Rasor D Barn name: Manny Sire: Prince Of Fame Dam: Like An Angel Foal date: April 20, 1996 A horse-crazy suburban girl for whom horse ownership was once out of reach is now living the dream. An exercise rider turned off-track Thoroughbred trainer, Wendy Landin parlayed her passion into ownership of a seasoned ex-racehorse, which she purchased from Suffolk Downs trainer Paul Thornton four years ago. The father of T.D. Thornton, author of “Not By A Long Shot, A Season at a Hard-Luck Horse Track,” placed his long serving horse up for sale on […]

'I get along with Thoroughbreds, it's an affinity'

‘I get along with Thoroughbreds, it’s an affinity’

With a casualness that could describe a walk in the park, Englishwoman and Thoroughbred devotee Shelagh Davidson recounts her eventing and timber-race escapades, and latest “project” horse, Nitro. The competitive rider who trains with top-level equestrian Sally Cousins has enjoyed a long partnership with off-track Thoroughbreds so successful that two years ago she qualified to compete in the mid-Atlantic’s Morven Park three-day event. “It had been a dream of mine to participate in their long format event,” she says. And she owes it to her other off-track Thoroughbred Calvin for getting her there and carrying her through the series of […]