Rescued Mercer County horse joins Our Mims

Kidnap Katie meets mini horse whisperer Kaylee Brook, daughter of Our Mims President Jeanne Mirabito.

Kidnap Katie meets mini horse whisperer Kaylee Brook, granddaughter of Our Mims President Jeanne Mirabito.

Our Mims Retirement Haven recently welcomed a broodmare saved along with many other horses in a large-scale seizure in Mercer County.

On Oct. 31, the Paris, Ky. sanctuary for broodmares over 20, welcomed Kidnap Katie to the herd.

One of 43 horses seized in the well-publicized Mercer County case of horse abandonment in June, Kidnap Katie walked off the trailer and into the loving arms of young horse whisperer Kaylee Brook, granddaughter of Our Mims Retirement Haven Founder and President Jeanne Mirabito. (Please see story about the Mercer County horses here: Charles Borrell enters Alford Plea; will serve two years probation).

Mirabito, speaking of the large-scale effort to save 40 horses, says she was happy offer Kidnap Katie a home.

Kidnap Katie
Sire: Red Ransom
Dam: Paleface Poster, by Poster Prince
Foal date: March 28, 1995
“I am so proud of our horse community. When it comes to a rescue effort of this magnitude, many hands and homes are needed. So many people and farm owners stepped forward to foster horses and to offer homes.”

About the new mare, she continues. “Kidnap Katie is mild mannered and kind. We are honored to provide her sanctuary.”

Thoroughbred Charities of America had asked the Haven to consider taking in one of the mares from the herd once the legal ramifications were completed and the animals were cleared for adoption. Kidnap Katie was chosen from a small list offered, mostly because she fit within the Haven’s guideline: a mare over the age of 20. The Haven was notified early Monday morning of Katie’s availability, and the new Lady was picked up that afternoon.

Kidnap Katie now has a forever home at a Paris, Ky. sanctuary for older broodmares.

Kidnap Katie now has a forever home at a Paris, Ky. sanctuary for older broodmares.

Kidnap Katie, a 1995 mare out of Paleface Poster by Red Ransom – a son of Roberto, never raced. She bore five offspring, two of which were winners. In her later years as a broodmare, Katie had problems staying in foal and suffered difficult births at full term. Her last live foal is Ragabash by Kela born in 2007.

Mirabito remarked about Kidnap Katie’s first hours as part of the Haven. “Kidnap Katie was welcomed by the other Ladies. Her quiet personality and display of proper herd manners made it easy for her to integrate.”

“As with all our horses,” Mirabito explained, “Katie will want for nothing for the rest of her life. In our eyes, every one of our horses is worth millions of dollars. Katie will be pampered and loved.”

Kidnap Katie joins Blue Viking, Trail Guide, Missy White Oak, Dogwood Patty, Exciting Bucket, Braggin Rights, and Play Book. Elmhurst, Our Mims’ grandson and 1997 Breeders’ Cup™ Sprint winner, arrived in October of 2011. Jo Jo’s Gypsy was adopted into the Haven in 2014 by special circumstances; she is much younger than 20 years old, but she came to the Haven extremely emaciated (also as a result of a horse seizure). Jeanne’s granddaughter, Kaylee Brooke, was instrumental in the recovery of the sick mare. The horse and child now act as ambassadors for the Haven in local horse shows and events.

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  1. Margaret Ransom

    I hoped Jeanne would get one of these sweet old gals; I think I told her that a few times, too. That sweet mare will live out the rest of her years having a great life, knowing love and exceptional care and never having to suffer again.

    Jeanne, you already know how I feel but I’ll say it again. Thank you… give Katie a big hug from me!

    1. Jeanne

      Thank you, Margaret for calling out the problem.

      1. Jeanne

        To begin, with, I mean. Your first article set things in motion.


    It’s a sincere pleasure to read these loving stories of kindness and rescue, where “forever after” triumphs. Thanks everybody . . .

    1. Jeanne


  3. Victoria

    This is another great story of triumph that makes you proud to be called human…that you’re part of a species that continues to do wonderful things like this. Congratulations Kidnap Katie and great work all involved ho were involved. Kaylee, get to it!

    1. Jeanne


  4. Jeanne

    Thank you, Susan!!!
    Kidnap Katie is settling in well. She will never know another day of hardship.
    Loved forever!

    1. Tonya LaFarr

      Jeanne you really do have a huge heart for these ladies and Elmhurst.

  5. Susan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE OUR MIMS…Can’t wait to go back and meet Katie!!!! It is truly a wonderful horse “haven”…and good for the human soul. Love live Katie!

    1. Jeanne

      Thank you!!
      Can’t wait to see you again!

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