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Open Zipper, 10, was heavily pregnant when she was bought back from a meat buyer. The crippled mare gave birth to Faith five months ago, and now spends her days hanging out with Midnight the mini.

Kill pen mare and foal thrive, beat odds

A pregnant and crippled kill pen mare, who eluded death in the slaughterhouse only to face possible euthanasia, now romps around a Massachusetts farm with a joy that defies her physical condition and astonishes her owner. “My vet says she’s the worst case he’s ever seen,” says Christina Sawelsky of her rescue horse Open Zipper. “For a mare who people said should have been euthanized, she’s incredible. The second I take her halter off when I lead her out to her paddock, I have to stand way back because she bucks and spins and takes off running across the paddock—she’s […]