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Farrah Ward was a high-ranking member of her town’s sheriff department before she was incarcerated at the Lowell Correctional Institution. There, she met OTTBs like Cut Music, pictured, and found peace. Photos courtesy Farrah Ward

In prison for drugs, horses show her new path

Beneath the sheltering leaves of a dogwood tree, a once-respected member of a Florida sheriff’s department, stripped of her dignity, her job and her self-worth, kneeled down in her prison garb near a gentle ex-racehorse who himself had never amounted to much. Pale chestnut Frosty Grin, with no obvious care in the world, lowered his head to snack in companionable silence as Farrah Ward lowered her head to rest it against a park bench beneath the tree. And there on the prison grounds of the Lowell Correctional Institution, she clasped her hands together and prayed. “I was raised in a very […]