Photo of the Week: Spa days make him smile

Milyone and Dr. Rubin smile as the OTTB receives a spa day.

Milyone and Dr. Rubin smile as the OTTB receives a spa day.

Milyone, a Kentucky bred great-great grandson of Majestic Prince who was once trained by Kentucky Derby winning trainer John Shirreffs, is cared for as though he’s still one of racing’s contenders. The cherished pet of California owner Linda Moss, the red gelding enjoys a session with Dr. Michael H. Rubin.

In this photo, Dr. Rubin is giving Milyone pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, which is the last step in a 4-Step treatment (after assessment of problem areas) designed to ease the aches and tensions in the neck and back, says Moss. The first three steps are orthopedic joint release, arthrostim myofascial release and rapid wave release. More information on the treatment is available here:

And evidence of its effect on Milyone is the smile, which seems to match Dr. Rubin’s.

“When he sees Dr. Rubin he gets excited and immediately starts nuzzling him!” Moss says, noting that Milyone is prepping to begin competing in the 2016 California season. Please see an earlier story on their budding career here:

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  1. Dory Munder

    Wonderfully sweet picture — made my day!

  2. Cheri

    The Moss’s are a class act.

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