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This white Appaloosa was one of the horses at Peaceable Farms in Virginia who was euthanized following a raid on Oct. 20 by the County sheriff and attorney.

80+ horses rescued from Va. death farm

At first there was only darkness and the putrid stench of death. Then the flashlights were switched on and narrow beams of light revealed the dead, near-dead and terrified horses of Peaceable Farms, in a scene described in media reports as “the most horrendous” scene of animal abuse. “We’d shine a flashlight in a stall and there’d be walking skeletons staring back,” says Miah Proulx of Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue. “There was one horse” who was terrified “and he was lunging over the stall walls trying to bite people as we walked horses onto a big, open-air stock trailer. “But […]