Photo of the Week: From indifference to affection

Driven Storm, 15, often comes trotting toward Malindi Thwing to accept a quick embrace.

Driven Storm, 15, often comes trotting toward Malindi Thwing to accept a quick embrace.

At first, Driven Storm was a bit cool to the charms of the young girl in his life.

Whenever Malindi, 11,would try to catch him in his field, he’d trot away, says the girl’s mother Lori Ann Thwing. But, after persistence and consistent rides together, that all changed. “Now when he sees her he trots to her and drops his head to her,” she says, noting that this picture was recently during a break at a horse show. “Mali, who assists me at horse shows, wanted to go visit with him while the show was on break,” she says. “ So I followed her into the pasture, and this was the first photo I took. As he walked up to her and dropped his head in her arms, he closed his eyes.”

Driven Storm is a 15-year-old OTTB who currently resides at Serenity Farms in Byron Center, Mich. Her daughter has been taking consistent lessons on him, and she is clearly one of his favorite pupils! “He needed a little girl to love him. He is very well taken care of at this barn, and his owner loves him dearly,” she says. “But there is something about the love of a little girl that every horse deserves.”

7 responses to “Photo of the Week: From indifference to affection”

  1. Mary Scollin

    I also became the owner of a very indifferent OTTB. He had been passed around so many times… it took two years for him to realize that I will never let him down. He has finally given me his trust…what an incredible honor…

  2. l mel

    Wonderful photo–it shows the love.

  3. Joy Jones

    ~ And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.`1 Corinthians 13:13 ` ..

    It just doesn’t get any better than this, perfect picture of what mankind should uphold as 2 of our most valued gifts of this world..

    1. Barbara

      Beautifully put Joy Jones. So true!

    2. sage41

      That statement would be nice shared under this ‘precious moments’ photo; the two together warms my heart ????????????

  4. Leslie Wilder

    Beautiful! Yep always brings a tear to my eye!

  5. Lynne Jones

    Horses need the love of their owners or, as in this instance, the love of a little girl who he knows loves him. Good Girl, Malindi, you have captured the love of a horse that needed your love and attention. May you enjoy each other for many years to come.

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