Photo of the Week: Let’s do lunch

Roy's Remedy and Jenny Manuelli  of California do lunch.

Roy’s Remedy and Jenny Manuelli of California do lunch.

Jenny Manuelli and her OTTB Rambo (JC: Roy’s Remedy) share a love of Taco Bell bean burritos.

So, a couple of years ago Jenny decided to show her 15-year-old bay Thoroughbred where the human “feed bin” was.

Patiently and calmly, Rambo lined up with other hungry patrons at the order window at her busy California Taco Bell. And it was like he knew there’d be a big reward for lining up with the cars and trucks!

“He was awesome!” says Manuelli of Waterford, Calif. “My big, scary OTTB … went right up to the ordering screen, waited patiently for the food to be handed through the window, and then we stood in the parking lot out front and enjoyed our burritos!”

Manuelli boards Rambo in Waterford at a three-day Eventing barn, Lone Tree Farm, and every time she drives past the Taco Bell, she smiles and remembers the silly afternoon she took her boy out to lunch.

7 responses to “Photo of the Week: Let’s do lunch”

  1. Jenny

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE!! That was such a great day & experience..a memory for a lifetime. I’m so proud of my horse & all he’s allowed me to do & achieve with him. Such an awesome horse & GOOD horse. We’re total BFFs <3 Thank you so much for the feature!! Xoxo

  2. Delrene from Carlsbad, Ca

    Very cute uplifting story! Thank you.

  3. SusanA

    That is just so COOL!

  4. Stephanie Morse

    I love those bean burritos, too. Does he get hot sauce? lol

  5. Lynne Jons

    Jenny, what fun that must have been. Many years ago, I had a horse that loved to share my food with me, whether it be French fries of Cheetos, and even my Pepsi. What fun it was to share with him. I think you should take him for lunch again. I wish I could join you. I love their tacos, but have never had their bean burritos. Where is Waterford? I’m in Southern California and save horses. I have them at a ranch in Ramona, in San Diego County, and I live in Orange County. If you ever get to Southern California, you reach me through bcco!

  6. Always Nell

    Is he a bean burrito boy? 🙂

  7. Elizabeth G.


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