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Full of Cuteness and Holly Harris look like they should be doing a commercial for DIRECTV. Photo by Elate Photography

Photo of the Week: They should be in pictures

No, this is not the famous duo of Hannah Davis and her talking white horse of DIRECTV television fame. In fact, Holly Harris of California, who is pictured with her gray OTTB Full of Cuteness, never even saw the commercial that might easily have been inspired by this beautiful shot. In this scene, Holly Harris poses with the mare she adopted from the California charity Neigh Savers last July. Noting that she worked to help her mare overcome “fear issues,” Davis says the photo was meant to evoke feelings of calm. “I think it is a good representation of the […]

Dr. Susie Beck Davis visited Justice this spring. It was the last time she saw him  before his stroke.

The bells stopped ringing for Justice the T’bred

On the day that Justice died, the bells stopped ringing. The small, inexpensive chimes, which had once tinkled reassuringly and guided the 31-year-old T’bred through darkness after his vision failed, were now silent and still. And a great horse departed a world made better by his presence. Jingling from the halter of Arabian mare Blue Jeans before Justice died, the tinkling led him from one spot to the next, as he enjoyed his last days of a full life that began with a racing career, crested as a quintessential hunter schoolmaster and unbeatable show horse, and ended with the loving […]

Turning Green Monster into a dream horse

Not everyone was thrilled with the return of Green Monster. While visually impressive, he had terrorized several trainers and different racetracks in a 13-race career that earned his connections more than $140,000. Now, he was back. “He was a tough son of a gun,” said Jennifer Dahlman, who runs Green Acres Show Stable in Cazenovia, NY. “I remember one race where he had two guys handling him and he threw them off like they were two fleas. “They don’t come any better looking than him, but he was too big and a goofball on the track; I think he went […]