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In this picture, Maaike stands with Miss Daisy, the family’s Dutch Warmblood, and daughter Alex stands with Allomyprospects, on the right.

Photo of the Week: A horse comes running

When Gail Bentzon arrived at the farm to look at OTTB Allomyprospects, his owner Linda Fohl told her that he was just out back in a pasture, and that she’d go “call him.” “I thought, oh sure, he’s just going to come running,” Bentzon says. “Then she yelled, ‘Pom Pom!’ and from the back of the field, you could hear him running. Then this big, dark puppy of a horse popped out from behind the tree line!” Barefoot a happy, he approached Bentzon’s daughter Maaike like he was greeting an old friend. After a brief meet and greet on Fohl’s […]

Archie's Echo, 26, raced in the late 90s in New England, and was rescued from New Holland last week by Parx Racing V.P. Sam Elliott and friends.

One-eyed T’bred rescued by Parx VP and friends

Wearing battle scars sustained far from the glow of horse-racing’s limelight, an older gelding was saved last week from slaughter by the director of racing for a Pennsylvania racetrack, with key assistance from Thoroughbred advocates, who all mobilized to find a soft landing for the forgotten racehorse. Suffering an ulcerated eye and missing some flesh on the bone, chestnut ex-racehorse Archie’s Echo, 26, a one-time New England racer at the now-defunct Rockingham Park and Suffolk Downs, was saved from the New Holland kill pen by Sam Elliott of Parx Racing, who pulled out his credit card before he even saw the […]

Blaine's Storm had 73 starts and won just north of $100,000 when he retired in 2008, after racing at Suffolk Downs, to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

An afterthought horse takes center stage

Blaine’s Storm caught a ride to his post-racing career as a tagalong. The strikingly handsome bay gelding, who’d knocked in 73 races and earned just north of $100,000, wasn’t even on the radar screen when Becky Thayer pulled up in her trailer two years ago to adopt a different horse from the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s South Carolina facility. But when she learned the mare Be Distinct had a deep attachment to Blaine’s Storm, and suffered separation anxiety when he wasn’t near, she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Okay, throw him on the trailer too. We have 100 acres and plenty […]