Photo of the Week: Prince of tides

Prince of Rhodes and owner/rider Ed Schlairet enjoy a relaxing moment at the water's edge.

Prince of Rhodes and owner/rider Ed Schlairet enjoy a relaxing moment at the water’s edge.

Prince of Rhodes is a testament to how great an older racehorse can be, says his owner Ed Schlairet.

Pictured at Caesar Creek State Park in Ohio on a blustery cold day, the pair watched the waves roll across the lake before taking a walk through the water.

The pair enjoys trail riding for miles and when they’re in the mood for competition, they participate in gymkhana series shows, says Schlairet, who notes that Prince has taken a turn working at a kids summer camp, and is still unbeatable in a friendly horse race between friends.

“He has taught more first-time riders than I can count,” he says. “But I have yet to come across another horse who can beat him in a heads-up, full-on race. He will make you smile and your eyes water. I don’t know if you can tell, but I sure do love that horse of mine!”

3 responses to “Photo of the Week: Prince of tides”

  1. Daryl J Conner

    Nice pic, the horse looks like it is sleeping, have fun.

  2. Michelle Y.

    Love this story! Many happy trails to Ed and Prince! Nice bloodlines too!

  3. Rebecca Hill

    Dear Ed & Ms. Susan~ Loved hearing about Ed’s, “Prince of Rhodes”. There have been many ottb’s go on to make excellent trail and ranch geldings. I would bet on “Prince” if I were around you & your friends and there was a friendly race being formed… 😉 So glad that “Prince” found his forever cowboy!!! Happy Trails to you and sending you both much love & “positive energy” in all your endeavors. Ms. B.

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