T’bred with head wound dumped, dies at age 3

Racehorse owner and advocate Maggi Moss reports this horse, still wearing his racing plates, was dumped in a La horse lot this week.

Racehorse owner and advocate Maggi Moss reports this horse, still wearing his racing plates, was dumped in a La horse lot this week.

A 3-year-old Thoroughbred suffering from a gruesome head wound—slicing in an arc from the top of his head through his right eye— was dumped off this week at a Louisiana horse lot.

The shockingly injured gelding was identified via a lip tattoo as Thoroughbred Say Dat Who, according to well-known race owner and Thoroughbred advocate Maggi Moss, who nearly singlehandedly ignited a firestorm of outrage this week when she published a photograph on Facebook of the mangled animal.

Moss obtained the photograph from well-regarded horse shipper Angelo Trosclair, who had gone to the lot with his daughter to rescue another horse, Moss says, and discovered the T-Bred standing among other horses. “Angelo is a very good shipper,” she notes. “I use him for my own horses.”

Moss says that Trosclair reported to her that he transported the animal to the Red River Equine Hospital in Benton, La., where an anonymous source at the hospital confirmed to Off-TrackThoroughbreds.com yesterday that the animal was euthanized “due to traumatic head injury.”

Say Dat Who
Sire: Etbauer
Dam: Preston Star
Foal date: Feb. 7, 2012
Though Trosclair could not be reached for comment for this story, he displays the photo on his Facebook page along with a statement from Moss pleading for help in locating the person responsible for the inhumane treatment.

In a telephone interview with Off-Track Thoroughbreds.com, Moss says she was so sickened by the condition of the horse that she has begun a letter-writing campaign to Louisiana lawmakers to investigate, and help shed light on the mysterious and frightening circumstances that led to the demise of a racehorse still wearing his racing shoes.

“I think the three things that are so shocking about this are 1) he was wearing new racing plates 2) nobody called the vet or euthanized him before this point and 3) discarding a horse in this much pain in a lot like this is the equivalent of throwing out your trash,” Moss says. “Somebody dropped off this horse. Somebody is responsible.”

Racehorse owner Maggi Moss, shown here with one of her Thoroughbreds, has begun pushing for an investigation into what happened to a gelding discovered in a La. lot this week.

Racehorse owner Maggi Moss, shown here with one of her Thoroughbreds, has begun pushing for an investigation into what happened to a gelding discovered in a La. lot this week.

As the photo was shared across Facebook, Moss says it was her hope that the poor animal would not have died in vain; and that the picture would trigger an investigation by racing authorizes.

Still unanswered in the grisly discovery is who owned the horse last, what happened to the Thoroughbred, and who discarded an animal at the horse lot, she says, adding that the ugly incident should “open some eyes as to what things are going on in Louisiana.”

“Up until I saw that picture, I thought I had a real working knowledge of the brutality of what can happen to our horses,” Moss says. “Now I’m realizing that I hadn’t even scratched the surface.”

Anyone with information about Say Dat Who is asked to send a private message to Maggi Moss via her Facebook page.

In a statement to friends on Facebook, Moss thanked those who expressed concern for the horse. But she stressed it would be a hard battle to get the attention of the proper authorities. Sadly, she says, the demise of the 3-year-old bay is a drop in the bucket when compared to the “hundreds of thousands of horses going straight to slaughter we don’t even know about,” she says.

“The things I have learned as to the literal numbers of horses and broodmares being “dumped” to slaughter is staggering,” Moss states on her Facebook page. “THIS IS A PROBLEM on levels I have never seen …” which can only be resolved when lawmakers, racing leaders, racetracks and others in the horse world “unite to help protect the very horses that make up the racing environment, and, in a meaningful way.”

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  1. Anna

    Maybe it’s the Native American in me that my strong connection with horses stems from, and I don’t understand how anyone can do this sort of thing to ANYTHING, but a HORSE?!!?!?!? HOW can someone possibly think it’s ok to just leave a horse in that condition??? They are the most innocent, loving, loyal souls on this earth, they wear themselves out and have been known to die trying to make us narrow minded human beings happy, and they never bat an eye or ask a single thing in return! They expect nothing, yet of all the living beings in the world they deserve to receive so much love and care and affection, and yet so many people abuse them or just stick them in a mud hole never to acknowledge them again! I’m autistic and I go to equine therapy every week, and my horse there, she doesn’t HAVE to care about me, or to help me use my voice, but she CHOOSES to! We are insignificant compared to them, and a lot of us abuse and harm them, yet they choose to love and serve us when we should serve them. My sweet girl always gives me kisses and I don’t care if she’s sopping wet, been rolling in mud, or smells like doodie, I always give her hugs and kiss her adorable wrinkley nose, and scratch her big fuzzy ears! Because she deserves love no matter what! As do all horses! If I ever saw a horse Injured like that, I would be inconsolable, and if it was MY OWN horse, I don’t think I could live with myself ????

  2. Sabrina Moore

    I’d like to start out by saying this is really sad and disturbing and I don’t believe any horse of any breed should be a subject to this. It’s hard to ignore all the post blaming the breeders though. Why should a breeder be held responsible? Especially if the horse has been sold through sales and/or claimed and gone through many racing stables. It seems to me the person who last had the horse should be accountable for its well being, whether that be ther trainer, breeder, second career home-giver, etc.

    1. Lnorman

      Because breeders are responsible for the never ending 100’s of thousands of horses going to slaughter each year.

      1. Carolyn McDonald

        Agreed, Lnorman. The breeders are fully aware of the likely outcome for each and every racehorse they create and produce. The great majority end up in the slaughterhouse and about 12-15% end up in the breeding barn (and they’re callously discarded when they’re no longer productive/useful for breeding) and about 15-20% go on to another career and not all of them end up in a forever home, that is a fact. Some do not come up to the expectations of their new owners and end up in the slaughterhouses.

      2. Sam


    2. William Mullenberg

      Everyone and every living thing dies, Wild Horse advocates forced numbers to increase way beyond pasture capacity, apparently they’ve never rode snow mobiles through a wild horse range and seen them starving to death standing by their dead last years foal, I would chose going to slaughter over starving to death. It’s like the hundreds of thousands of people in nursing homes sitting in their own excrement tied in wheel chairs wondering it’s going to be another month before they see any self-indulged family that sadistically loves them. Good intentions force the most inhumane treatment on the subjects they are trying to save, the christian attitude toward life is sick.

  3. Always Nell

    Breeders, too, have a responsibility to decrease the numbers of mares bred. No stallion needs to be bred to 200-plus mares a season. Too many horses, too many sad stories.

    1. Carolyn McDonald

      Always Nell, you are absolutely correct.

  4. lisa crewe

    This is the very reason I sold every piece of jewelry I owened to purchase a.p indy’s granddaughter she was racing in claims she now has a wonderful life and no longer has to worry about a race track she can just be a horse she will live with me until she is called to heaven

    1. Carolyn McDonald

      One very lucky former racehorse! Thank you Lisa Crewe for being the saviour of one of A P Indy’s grand-daughters – what a caring and selfless person you are!

    2. pattyhamilton

      Lisa that you for selling your jewelry to save this T-bred. I do own an older Arabian mare and adore her. But I want to be able to assist with rescuing horses in need. It does take money and team work. I always knew that one day I might have to sell my gold to buy hay. I didn’t have to do that because my mare’s former owner gave me 20 bales of hay before winter set in. I was out of work and my unemployment ran out. Now I have a full time job again but this is life. Horses matter and you just can’t take on more than you can afford. You have to expect the unexpected.

      1. Patty

        I am so sorry about the typo. I meant to say thank you, Lisa.

  5. aallegre

    I know this is an old thread, but it’s worth adding that it doesn’t matter how much breeders care about their horses–they are contributing to the problem. The problem is that there are more horses than we have homes for and this is directly the result of breeding programs. Horses aren’t like dogs and cats, running loose in the street and creating their own overpopulation problem. Responsible breeders make more horses than they need and while they may make ‘every effort’ to track the life and times of their products, it’s impossible to account for every horse, as proven by how many horses fall through the cracks. Even the fact that there are no photos of broodmares half of the time, and only photos of sires shows the attitude the industry has toward their animals. Broodmares are nothing more than a means to an end and who cares what they look like or ‘who’ they are? I have a TB that only made it to training before he bowed both front tendons. He has flat feet, upright pasterns and a host of other conformation issues that made him unlikely to ever be successful in any demanding athletic endeavor and these traits were clearly visible in his sire as well, but because bloodlines always look good thanks to approved and ‘responsible’ breeding programs, people breed these horses anyway. The only way to be a responsible breeder is to ensure, without fail, that every horse you have ever created is accounted for and safe in a home. Since there’s no feasible way to actually do this, there’s no way to be a responsible breeder while horses are still shipped off to slaughter.

  6. Marilyn Wilson

    I quit watching racing and will never support it again. It needs to go out along with dog racing.

    1. Dede

      PLEASE I BEG you get the assholes that did this nd put them way FOREVER!!!

      1. Carolyn McDonald

        Dede, i posted a comment at the time and i can tell you that the relevant racing authorities had, and still have, the power, the authority and the resources to find out who was responsible for this abhorrent cruelty inflicted upon this horse. He was registered as a racehorse and he had racing shoes on – there’s no excuse for the lack of action of the powers that be in this industry. My investigation found that he never raced and was in training. Who was the trainer and who was the owner? The racing authorities would DEFINITELY have this information.

        Does anyone know of the outcome of the so called “investigation” which allegedly took place???

    2. Deidre rios

      Really most race horses are not treated like this, most are spoiled.

      1. Judy

        They’re spoiled until they are of no use to the owner — losers on the track are discarded like trash.

      2. Carolyn McDonald

        “Spoiled” oh really??? Pumped with drugs, beaten with whips, racing when sore and/or carrying a pre-existing injury, confined in a stall about 23 hours each day, raced without the necessary respite to recover and heal their bodies and minds, racing when close to dehydration, suffering catastrophic injuries and dying (and this list is far from exhaustive).
        “Spoiled” oh please……..who are you trying to kid?

    3. Mindy

      Please dont lump everyone into a bad deal there are caring loving people that truly love theses animal’s and go to lengths to save and take great care ofthese horses …its really about the same as people who miss treat dogs ..cats ..children elderly and everything else ..there are just sorry assed people out there please dont judge all racing people like that thank you for listening

    4. tiggy1998

      Marilyn, I agree with you 100%. People still race dogs and the Greyhounds in Spain are tortured to death if they fail to live up to expectations. They are used for Hunting small Game like Rabbits and they are also raced. The World is a horrible place to be an animal of any kind!


    5. Sam

      Well said!!

      Humans are pathetic!! Pathetic that they’re to lazy to conjure up some kind of sport that doesn’t require animals doing things they were not originally created to do, and since the lazy humans don’t like the numerous sports OR hobbies that already exist… should just brain storm to come up with something else to pass their time. Its one thing to race the horses and another to bet on them. Both are not good IMO. And how stupid is this; the state of Alabama said no to casinos or lottery due to being against the peoples religion, but yet every single weekend in Theodore AL at Greyhound Race Track they open bets on site for dog racing. How would that kind of betting not be against their religion. Crazy! Then often you see people that’s rescued the dogs begging for help to pay for surgeries etc sustained from racing, running around a track trying to chase a rabbit that they’ll never ever get. Rather people race horses or dogs etc for bets or for just first place ribbons to show their horse is better than another horse….beats the stew out of me and keeps me wondering will humans ever develope the true love and spirit the animals give us. Saddle the humans up and race them. Cage them up and make them chase rabbits strapped to a bar on a track. I’ve had others tell me well they’re just animals its what they do the horses run hard in the country and the dogs chase rabbits…. Right i agree but that’s in the wild, how its suppose to be, not for human entertainment in that manner. Love horses then love and care for them on your property or go visit someone’s if you have no land. Want a horse from a breeder fine but let him be a horse, not your entertainment. Just care for them, rescue them, give them the same unconditional love they give…..without breeding and racing them to death. I’m glad the Tenn man got punished for lathering hot sauce and chili peppers on his race horse’s legs then wrapping them up with plastic to hold the heat in burning stinging longer so his horse would run faster and strut higher. Pathetic lowlife heartless loser!

  7. Dr. Staci A. Speide

    Regarding Xixixi, he has landed in heaven on earth. Xixixi is now residing at Barbara Rickline’s Xanthus Farm. A few minor problems were resolved. He is healthy, happy, and safe. He has joined Barbara’s stallion roster, and we are looking forward to some beautiful, fast foals in the near future. Xixixi (pronounced “Zee”) is being cared for by one of the most generous and knowledgeable horse-women in the industry.

  8. Carolyn McDonald

    According to equibase.com this horse never raced. This horse was bred by the racing industry, this horse was registered/named in readiness to embark on a racing career, racing plates were put on him and he was highly likely in training. Therefore the racing authorities have the responsibility to find out who the the owner was, who the trainer was and who the farrier was. Authority, power, resources and certain Rules is all that is required here and the racing industry cannot say that it is not armed with these requirements. It is highly likely the breeder sold him on and then again it is possible that she kept ownership/part ownership, which is what some breeders do.

    As Blackhorse1Jan commented
    “Whoever drops a horse off at an auction has to leave their name and address for a check can be sent to them when their horse sells. The auction barns has to have that information.”

    In my experience with horrific cases similar to this one, the 3 year old SAY DAT WHO, the person/entity who dropped this horse off and the names of the owner, trainer and farrier would’ve been found within days by the very powerful racing industry.

  9. Nicole navarro

    I take offense many breeders care deeply. We track every horse bred both racing and non racing stock. We make every attempt to keep tabs and know when a horse is coming off the track and we have been doing it since before it became popular. I have been helping owners place horses for over 25 years now… Helping breeders place animals that have issues that will prevent. A horse from running..like all things the vast majority of owners who are educated to the realities care.. And most breeders care..most trainers care… But the bad apples always get the press… And there are a bunch of bad apples but the reality is there are a ton of bad and irresponsible breeders of horses not just thoroughbreds…n

    1. tiggy1998

      The MAJORITY of Breeders do NOT care enough to take care of the Horses that fail at the track. If they did care, then why are so many going to Canada, and yes Mexico still, for Slaughter? I have been rescuing these off track horses for 20 years and they are all full of performance enhancing drugs. I wish I could agree with you that the Breeders/Owners do care enough to provide for their Horses, however, that is simply not the case!

    2. tiggy1998

      I wish I could agree with you that the Breeders/Owners DO care about what happens to their Horses. The truth is that Thousands of off track Thoroughbreds are still going to Slaughter in Canada and yes, Mexico. If all the Breeders and Owners were like you, we would not have this terrible problem of failed Track horses going to kill while people like me and thousands of others Rescue these Horses before they get on the Truck for the last ride.

    3. Beth

      You can’t keep track! That’s the problem!
      This is a disgrace and hope and pray the racing industry folds!

  10. Leila

    The breeders name is Margie K. Albert of La. She probably knows who his owner (if not her) and trainer is. That info wasn’t available on equibase, he may not have run yet.

  11. Patty Hamilton

    So sorry to hear that this TB, Say that Who has passed. This is the ugly side of the racing business but the grim reality that not many people ever see. Thanks to all that tried to help this horse.

  12. Heather

    If this horse was found at the slaughter house, how do we know this injury did not happen there?

    1. bydabayou

      The horse wasn’t dumped at the slaughterhouse. there are no facilities for slaughtering horses in Louisiana. But you can rest assured that there are horses at the Mexican slaughterhouses that have just as horrible injuries,dumped by owners that want to squeeze one more dollar from these living beings.

  13. Michelle Y.

    I realize not all racing breeders/owners are like the scum who did this to Say Dat Who. However, MOST breeders don’t care one iota what happens to the foal after it leaves their care. Therefore, I 1000% agree with another poster who said “The problem will only be resolved when people stop breeding race horses.” I, along with many, many non-racing folks, cannot wait until the day when there are no more tracks, no more racing, and no more OTTB’s dumped at auction, like my beautiful, now 12-year-old OTTB mare who will live out the rest of her days in a comfortable large stall, 60′ run, turnout daily (weather permitting), and funds to continue with all of that specified in my will if I die before she does. What a concept!!!

  14. Delrene Sims

    Let us remember this sweet 3 year old and continue to advocate against slaughter and inhumane treatment of all equine breeds. The photograph was horrific, but needed to be posted. Some who love the sport of racing are oblivious to the horrible acts of some owners and trainers. Rest in peace and thank you Maggie and Susan for bringing this into the eyes of some who weren’t aware of the very dark side of racing. I do hope you find who is directly responsible for this inhumane act against an animal.

  15. Patty

    If they know who the horse is then how come they don’t know the owner. Don’t u have to register your horse to race him?

  16. Crista

    First, I come here for that feel good story that makes me realize there are many of us “small” folks who actually care about the horses.

    Second, this makes me hurt on more levels than I may actually know.

    Third, while my head knows we can’t save them all, (but they should all be able to be put down in their own paddock) I look out at the old ones in my back field who made money (even graded stakes) for others but now come when I call each by name.

    And fourth, my heart pleads, you can take one more, you don’t really need that much.

    My wish would be that each of you who want to hold the TB industry responsible (and there are many in the industry who need their feet held to the fire) would take just $10. and send it to the TRF or any OTTB rescue you know (that gives 100% or VERY close to that to the rescue and the SPCA isn’t one ). Be part of the solution because there are many of us who strive to make a difference that you denigrate with your uneducated comments.

    Here are a few FYIs:

    ANYONE can go to http://www.equibase.com, put in the horse’s name and get all kinds of information…breeder, owner, auction history, race record, pedigree, FREE. Or go to http://www.thejockeyclub.com, for even more information, FREE. Knowledge is power.

    The Thoroughbred breed/industry does a great deal for the OTTB.

    The Arabian Horse Association advocates for sending horses to slaughter.

    The AQHA (quarter horses) advocates for owners to be able to do what they want with their horses…ie slaughter…as the AQHA registers the most foals of any breed organization each year and those large breeders need someplace to send their culls.

    There is a monthly sale in Billings MT where on the Sunday of the Sale after Cowboy Church they run the “loose” horses through the ring, these horses are basically headed for the Canadian slaughterhouses (because the Billings company will help you with the paperwork to get them across the border). Just like the old TB mares TB trainer Steve Asmussen and his father sent through the ring as loose horses at a sale in Texas, but other folks saved from that trip to Mexico.

    Ahmed Zayat (google him) was traveling in Europe between his horse’s Derby and Preakness wins. Good for him. I’d love to travel back to Europe.

    In April he and his stellar NY trainer Rudy Rodriguez (google him) took the half brother to American Pharaoh (the winner of those races), Xixixi (who Zayat bred from his own dubious stallion) to Maryland and entered him in a $5000 claiming race after he was running in NY for $12,500 and the horse was claimed there in MD. Will Zayat know if the horse drops below the 5000…will he care? A friend of Zayat, a regular on Byk’s radio show, gets downright offended if someone calls him to say a horse he bred is racing for $1500 at Turf Paradise (AZ) and does he want to ensure the horse has a soft landing. Will Zayat step up if that happens to Xixixi?

    Zayat sold his namesake, Mr. Z, prior to the Preakness for a “generous” offer. How much of this goes to the horses he has been responsible for? How much does he donate to TB aftercare? Bet we won’t hear about that on his twitter account.

    You folks need to make your comments more pointed; BREEDERS and OWNERS need to be held way more accountable. There are many of us who go way beyond just the horses we breed.

    One last point. I have unfortunately lived in Louisiana This is a state that doesn’t care about its women or children. Segregation, sadly, is alive and flourishing. It doesn’t give a thought let alone a care to its animals.

    You are all on computers, start a petition, raise your voice, call the large breeders out, make a difference. Send $10/$20 a month to TRF or somewhere (Old Friends in KY was robbed over this past week, fortunately none of the horses were hurt).

    Comments are fine. But just step up…please…

    1. Gabriaale

      Paint the entire state of Louisiana with one broad brush? Idiot. Bigot. Singular. Just you. Crista

  17. karin thompson

    this is horrifying and this person or persons should be held liable but I am so tired of the ridicule and the people that view us thoroighbred owners/trainers as awful people! we do the best for our horses and we don’t do anything illegal , never had never will my husband has a clean record for almost 40 years but the reality is when we r done racing a horse we try 150 percent to find them a great home but most people think a thoroughbred is some crazy breed and that is 99 percent of the time false! the thoroughbred is the classiest breed there is! but don’t expect a horse coming off the track to be able to
    be ridden by a young child! people need to research and I would love to see all thoroughbreds find that forever home but we have to be realistic! we have
    placed most of our retired horses and we have kept some as trail horses ( which are amazing) everyone needs to look at ALL horse people and trainers not just criticize is thoroughbred owners/ trainers

  18. blackhorse1Jan

    Whoever drops a horse off at an auction has to leave their name and address for a check can be sent to them when their horse sells. The auction barns has to have that information.

    1. Carolyn McDonald

      Excactly blackhorse1Jan! If a genuine attempt to find out who is responsible for this horse’s abhorrent suffering was made, the relevant information would be to hand by now! Appears to me not much of an effort has been made – deeds not words!

  19. M A Keefe

    I have never missed a triple crown race in almost 50 years, but am now reconsidering my love of thoroughbred racing….I never knew of such cruelty.

  20. Amy Hanchey

    i look forward to hearing about the investigation. Praise to Maggi and the TRF for writing about this horse

  21. Manes and Tails Organization

    I rescue off track horses and have been doing so for 20 years. My feeling after rehabbing these Horses is that the entire Horseracing Industy should be shut down using the RIOC Act. Drugs interfere with Gambling and we all know that all horses that race, no matter the breed or the type of racing, are drugged in some way. People must take 1 look at my now 14 year old Mare ‘Okay Renee’ who is still underweight. She has terrible Gastric Ulcers and we have tried all medications and after years of trying, she is now being treated by Diet.

    It makes me ill to see what is done to these Horses, not just the TBs but all of them. I rescue any Breed and any age. I hope that this poor horse gets Justice, however, this Government has been happy to enable ‘Soring’ of the Gaited Horses, the destruction of the Wild Horses and Burros, so why should we think that there will ever be a change? We have to take matters into our own hands and do what we can to save these Horses, Ponies, Mules, Hinnies, and Donkeys from horrific treatment. We do this via education and hounding the evil doers in the Media and shine the light on them for all to see.

    Thank you for posting this tragic story.


    1. Margaret sowers

      I am so sorry for the agony this horse endured. I am also completely opposed to the “soring ” of gaited horses. I had a walker many years ago. They have a natural gate. Soring is painful and not needed

  22. sarah

    Someone knows and we all know that. This sweet child shall not die in vain and should be on every marketing tool imaginable.

  23. Judy

    Am I the only one who read the line in the article where it said they thought he had been shot? My take on this is since he had on racing shoes, maybe he didn’t meet their expectations and in an attempt to be rid of him, he was shot in the head. Maybe he didn’t collapse ran off and somebody picked him up. Poor horse didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Tragically, this is the outcome of so many horses in ALL sports. It needs to stop.

  24. Joan McDonald

    I have worked with young race horses in Stuart Florida.I have seen things the trainers never meant to be witnessed. This is gut wrenching and all to common. The industry only cares about money. Horses mean nothing to these people involved in racing. I can only say that it should be stopped. Humans are the cruelest species on earth.

  25. doug

    This is beyond bad whoever is responsible for this cruel act should be held accountable..This person or persons should be treated as they treated this poor innocent thoroughbred..Maggie Moss I’m sure u will work your magic to find these scum bags and bring them to justice!!

  26. Crystal

    It’s simple math, horses start racing at 2 years old, they live to be 30+\- , there is only ONE winner per race , how many thousands upon thousands are trying to be the ONE, when they don’t pan out they destroy , discard, dump, disgrace them and try again, no one will feed and board a “loser” or multiple “losers” for another 25+/- years , it’s not rocket science, the industry treats them like commodities, even winners lose in the end when they can’t breed anymore ….it’s a sick twisted vocation and also promotes gambling addicts to further their problems…one of the world’s most treacherous evils!!! Wake up people! This is no shock or shouldn’t be!!!!! Daily occurrence.

    1. LinBro

      There are some of us who will feed, board and love a loser. Unfortunately, we are not usually the same people who raced the horse. I have had my OTTB for 10 years and will keep him til he dies an old man.

  27. Jodie

    I am sickened- daily- by the capacity for cruelty of our human race. I am disgusted and embarrassed that I am of the same species as the lowlife, useless wastes of flesh who did this. And to all those who exploit, profit from, use up and discard horses who had the misfortune to be born into racing. It’s not even enough to win. It guarantees them nothing at all. There is no forever safety for so many. I love to watch horses race. But I can’t condone or support racing if this is what awaits the horses when they finish. I agree that we need to wake up our lawmakers. Is there an organized effort?? We are more powerful as many than alone!

  28. Emucat Jones

    And yes the horses that can not win are thrown away and sent to slaughter…if they make it that far.

  29. LinBro

    Racing simply needs to end.

    1. Deborah Hill

      But what do you think would happen to all the TB’s out there if racing suddenly ended. Do you think each one would be given a wonderful forever home to retire to? I seriously doubt it. There needs to be enforceable regulation to protect these animals and regulations holding the breeders and owners accountable, but to simply end horse racing would result in a worse crisis than we are facing now, trying to find homes for these horses that don’t eventually lead to the slaughter pipeline.

  30. Karen Laskey

    Will not support racing industry , and they wonder why tracks are being closed.

  31. Cindy

    This is why the general public does not support the race industry in general…the animals are selfishly discarded like trash. Governments need to get some balls and stand up to this industry and make them accountable But then again it seems to also support the horse meat industry as well most of which seems to rely on these very horses. The tax paying public needs to speak up…it is their tax dollars supporting these industries and it needs to stop. Also the SPCA seems to turn a blind eye to theses industries most likely because the problems are too great and there is simply not enough manpower / resources and government support from all levels. Demand changes to the animal welfare acts to reflect that these animals are sentient beings , by doing so , then we will have a solid basis to rewrite legislation that actually has some teeth.

  32. Sylvie Hebert

    breeder is : Margie K. Averett may be she can tell who she sold or give the horse to. It never started or worked on the track

  33. Michelle

    If he was wearing new racing plates then why hasn’t more info been found by looking up his racing record? Talk to his last known owner, trainer, jockey, even go to the track & find exercise riders & grooms! Leaving a horse in that condition certainly qualifies as cruelty to animals.

    1. Karla DeJesus

      He never ran. So the jockey club doesn’t have any record. Only his breeder and owner the time of registration. This is not a race horse issue people.. This is cruelty issue. Many races horses are treated like kings win or loose. And are placEd into the best home they can find. What happens after is out of these people’s hands. And there are many ottt suffering and being neglected and abused by theses people who think they can take on a ottt. Or are reselling them. I’ve seen more abuse of these horses after they leave the track than when they’re there. This poor guy not having run before was probably sold because he was slow and the buyer did this. Many tracks around the country have strict rule about slaughter and if a thoroughbred goes there the previous trainer is held accountable. So I would be pretty sure this is the result of someone buying him and doing this not the owner or trainer.

      1. Julie Blichmann

        When I worked in the industry for the State Vet, a horse was not tattooed until it worked on the track or was about to race. Things may have changed since then, but the indentifiers were at the tracks during racing, and were the ones that did the tattooing.

        1. janwindsong

          Yep. The tracks are not kind, they pass rules and wait for info to be given to them to punish offenders who send horses off to slaughter. There are only a few. This horse was owbed right up to the time it was dumped and the auction yard knows, the farrier knows, the hay man knows They all know who this horse is and had better speak up now. the move to close down racing is gaining speed.

  34. Gloria Stagmer

    This made me sick to my stomach. Oh this horse must have suffered! Our family has been horse owners for 18 years . I can’t even imagine this. I do so hope they track every one involved with this. There needs to be prosecution. I am shaking as I write this. Of all the posts on this blog this was one of the most brutal. The word must continue to get out to help prevent this abuse. I hope this horse is indeed in better hands in the after life. It is important for horse owners and lovers to report things that do not seem right. On this the eve of the Preakness , let us hope the racing industry can get a better grip on itself.

  35. PonyPal

    Humans need to stop exploiting animals for our financial profit. It’s one thing to raise animals for food (and they MUST be treated humanely in life and at their death), but thoroughbred horse racing is completely about glory and profit for owners. Pity the horses who don’t make the cut — they wind up facing hell at in a slaughter lot. Pretty awful fate for being deemed inferior. I do not condone horse racing at all because it generates too many unwanted horses. I personally find no joy in the exploitation of horses, and will NOT be watching the Preakness this weekend, even though I live less than 30 miles from the track.

    1. Sam

      Exactly! Thank you! Well said!

  36. DeniseNY

    If you got the tattoo number for the poor baby, you should be able to get ownership records through the jockey club. I would start there. Very sad that he was put down. Horses are incredibly resilient creatures. With some patience and lots of TLC, he might have been able to be treated. But it would have been costly I guess. RIP baby.

    1. Annice Johnston

      The people who rescued him would not have put him down unless that was the kindest thing.

  37. virginia stroud

    Looks like a trailer loading gash on his head. Scumbag should be put in jail.

  38. virginia stroud

    looks like a trailer injury. Then someone turned their back on him and let him suffer until he could be taken to be disposed of. The scum of the earth They feel no remorse.

  39. Bobbi Kay Noble

    The Jockey Club should EASILY be able to answer the questions of who owned this horse, who the trainer was, and sale barn should easily be able to say who dropped it off. My heart breaks!

    1. Annice Johnston

      The Jockey Club doesn’t track horses’ ownership. It prints the registration/foal papers and that is usually the last they see of the papers. However, if he raced recently in LA then he would be on the stable office list at the track. Someone could go back thru entries/results for LA tracks for a month or two and maybe find the trainer that way.

  40. Kim L.

    Absolutely horrendous treatment of this animal! The POS responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

  41. tammymartin398@gmail.com

    In Roswell they need to get rid of the dairy and valley Meat unfortunately alot of jobs would be lost but the horrors to the cows out there the unsanitary conditions spill over into the environment as well. We had our wedding at lake van and the flies from the dairy were so bad they swarmed the lake and it was impossible to hold the wedding you couldn’t breath without inhaling some the stench is atrotious. I have rescued one palomino he was also beaten badly and starved they had put his shoes on backwards to instill pain I watched him every day make that decision to live and get stronger today he is gorgeous he taught my son some life lessons like patience, determination, disabilities mean nothing if you want to reach the stars. I wish everyone could rescue just one horse it is life changing not just for the horse but for us who get to be there with them as they get through it.

  42. Elizabeth Smith

    I pray that the person responsible for this will be found and tortured. Wait, I mean prosecuted. Yeah, prosecuted.

  43. Kelly


  44. Patty

    Thank you for sharing this information about this once beautiful TB. This is really sickening how owners just dumped their horses like this. Owners should be held responsible for these horses. This is really f… sleazy. Hope they arrest who was responsible. Thanks to all the good people that tried to help this horse. Unfortunately, sometimes it is just to late and the horse needs to be put to rest. So sad.

  45. Lynne Jones


  46. Lynne Jones

    In addition to my comment above, I think all horse breeders should be responsible for all the horses they bring into this world, from birth to death. They should be responsible to see that that horse remains in good hands and every time a transfer is made, he has to keep tabs on that horse. He is responsible to see that that animal is never in the hands of a “disgusting human being” as this previous owner”. And the breeder needs to ensure that the horse is retired in a safe and loving home or at his breeding facility until God takes the horse home, either because the horse dies or he needs to be put down because he is in pain. May this beautiful animal enjoy heaven with all his other horsey friends and may he enjoy his life in heaven enduring no more pain and suffering. I wish I could have saved him, he was beautiful. What is happening to our horses, dogs, and cats is a travesty AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED BY EXTREME PUNISHMENT MEASURES.

  47. Lynne Jones

    This is tragic. The previous owner of this horse should be treated just as he let this horse suffer. He deserves no mercy. To be this callous and to let this horse suffer and not seek vet attention is the cruelest of all. This person is a disaster to the human race and deserves to suffer in the same manner he was letting this horse suffer. And, not to know what created this injury to the horse is bad as well. May this previous owner suffer the worst injuries that could come to a human being. These animals have been in trusted into our human hands and their are too many humans that disregard these animals as family members and think they are disposable. To all those with auctions, killer buyers, and people at horse slaughter plants, you are the most despicable human beings that ever walked this earth. May hell be your reward.

  48. Linda R. Moss

    Speechless – I saw Maggie’s FB post and could not believe my eyes. Times like this we have to say as an OTTB community and lovers of racing – WE CAN DO BETTER! I hope justice is found in this situation and broadcasted from the mountain tops. RIP poor guy – you did not deserve this!

  49. John Green

    go get the ……….. who did this? I wish you all luck in finding the owner.

  50. kathyh

    And why are auctions permitted to accept horses in such horribly injured condition with no repercussions. .it’s not like this horse was surrendered to a rescue or animal control agency for either medical care or humane euthanasia. .it was hauled to auction to be sold for the last penny of profit that could be squeezed out of him..tossed aside like a broken toy.. cruel..inhumane..disgusting. .shameful. .and unacceptable. .

    1. Barb Devers

      he was not necessarily through an auction but brought directly to the killer’s feedlot as were 14 other TB.”s . And probably many many more.

  51. Sue Carter

    Sadly, the slaughter pipeline slinks through the backstretch of every track. From Low-level bush tracks to Churchill Downs. When an employee of Valley Meat was shown on You Tube shooting, what appeared to be a young healthy horse, point-blank, in the head, while snarling “f-u animal activists” it started a ripple. It was alarming to learn that Valley Meat, in Roswell NM, is on a dead-end road, nearly on the back 40 of Leonard Blach, DVM, half owner of Mine That Bird.
    Valley Meat, while already fined by USDA for unbelievable sanitation violations and cruelty violations, was applying for an Equine Slaughter Grant of Inspection. While Dr. Blach holds lifetime stall privileges at Churchill Downs because of Bird’s win and he had intimate knowledge of the horrific conditions at Valley Meat, he had the audacity to appear as Expert Witness for his “friend” Ricardo De Los Santos at a Hearing in October 2013. This, despite of swearing to Churchill Downs “No Slaughter Policy.”
    Roswell is 70 miles from Ruidoso Downs rated the worst Track in the Nation by the New York Times. It is on the slaughter-pipeline transport route to Mexico and a known satellite holding for slaughter-bound horses.
    Animals Angels has been instrumental in plugging the pipeline at the Mexican border by revealing the horrors there to the EU authorities, who stopped import of horse “meat” from Mexico.
    The Racing Industry needs to start at the top and Revoke Blach’ Lifetime Stall Privaleges at Churchill Downs. They are fully aware of his involvement and proximity to The horrors at Valley Meat, just a few minutes, down a dead-end road behind his farm.

  52. Clara bigham

    Abuse. Neglect and slaughter has got to stop. This is 2015. It’s time horse owners take responsibility of there horses not just when there done with the animal haul it off like a bag of trash this has gotten worst and worst something has got to be done to put a end to this

  53. Jen

    Whoever dumped him is not only heartless but is also a coward. Add to that too cheap to put any money forth to euthanize the horse.

  54. Lisa neely

    What heartless, thoughtless cruelty befell this beautiful horse. It’s time to do what it takes to turn the tide and prosecute individuals who are party to this inhumane disregard for life ….

  55. Mindy Lovell

    I, for one, am glad you are publishing stories like this Susan. I am TIRED of looking at and dealing with horses like this – this is NOT an isolated incident. The second a horse leaves the safety of its home environment and the enters the slaughter pipeline and LONG before it ever reaches any slaughter plant, the inhumanity and negligence begin and accelerate rapidly. Every time you write a story like this, I hope that it may change the mind of just one more person that sends their horses down this road of torture. Horse slaughter is a dirty and fraudulent business and no one can justify this and call themselves a horse lover. The plight of those Lousianna horses crossed my path on Sunday and that was just ONE current situation that day. People need to pull their heads out of the sand and take action against this type of abuse instead of turning a blind eye because it is so much easier to pretend it just does not happen.

  56. cheri

    I have no words, unusual for me as I am so passionate about equine advocacy in the extreme. I am so stunned by this. I feel ill.

  57. comedyflyer

    Someone is responsible…It is only a matter of time before we all know who you are….

  58. Jan Berman

    His name is Say Dat Who not Say Dat Who He. You have mistakenly taken the He from the next sentence. He deserves us to at least have his name right. May he rest in peace and love. Thank you for helping this go viral as it should. More people need to be aware of the atrocities dealt to these magnificent animals. 🙁

  59. Fern Blair Hart

    “a lifetime plan to properly care for the horses” – this is the key element that is missing – EVERYONE who breeds TBs should be made to escrow a certain amount for the care of the horse after racing. This must be done. Also every race entry should have an amount donated to such an escrow account. There also needs to be transparency in the ownership of these animals who, as you can see, are often abused. It can be done but I am afraid it will require some sort of legislation to make it be done. Obviously the horse racing world is not going to do it on its own. And yes, I believe there are TOO MANY horses bred every year.

  60. Susan Kayne

    The problem will only be resolved when people stop breeding race horses. Or those that do breed have enough money and a lifetime plan to properly care for the horses they choose to bring into this world. No lawmaker or racing authority will ever stop this abuse. Anti-cruelty laws are in place across this country to protect horses and they are not enforced.

    1. Beverly Hubbard

      Exactly. While it’s wonderful that so many racing stables pledge a percentage of their winnings to TAA and other TB advocates, it would be even better if they would cut their stud bookings by an even larger percentage.

  61. Don Martello

    Sickening!! These people should suffer the same fate, tired of the abuse that goes on in the racing industry, Love the sport however it’s this kind of tragic news that keeps new fans out, Please follow up
    when these low life’s are identified.

  62. Susan

    It’s hard to believe as we watch and see new foals being born even today….to think that just in a very short time, their end could possibly come like this young horse…it makes me sick. I thank God for Maggi Moss and others who are on the front lines of this mess. Something has to be done or it’s not going to matter about a Derby, or Preakness, or a Triple Crown.

  63. Lisa Haynes

    Our only real hope in my humble opinion is to bombard our legislature and local law enforcement to inform them that a change is absolutely required and as tax paying citizens we expect inhumane treatment of these horses to be procscecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Laws need to be enforced and strengthened so poor excuses of humanity will think twice before harming another horse. The facility that received this horse knows who dropped it off and individuals who work in the race horse community know who owned this horse. The local police should be expected to do the job they have been Entrusted to perform.

  64. donna

    I am sickened by this. I hope there is justice for this beautiful horoughbred

  65. Carolyn

    A warning about the graphic nature of the photograph would have been appreciated. Gruesome. RIP sweet horse.

  66. Louise Martin


    Thank you so much for writing about this so that we here in other states are aware of what is going on….

    This is so unbelievable and Ii do pray the person responsible is duly punished and this young, beautiful horse did not die in vain.

    I hope my sharing his story helps. Thank you so very much for what you do for our horses!!

    1. Susan Salk

      Louise, It’s so good to hear from you! And thank you for sharing the story. I had a hard time sleeping last night because I couldn’t stop thinking about this horse, and wondering what sort of people are *out there* in the world. It scared me a little. And, of course, I, like so many, am excited to see the Preakness, and I didn’t want to besmirch such a great weekend. That wasn’t my intention. But this poor horse … I can’t imagine dying that way.

  67. Susan Salk

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