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This was the scene last March when Rubber Duckie had to be hoisted to his feet after lying down, unable to get up on his own. Photo courtesy Bev Strauss, MidAtlantic Horse Rescue

Tractor light once shined on TB in darkest hour

In the dark of midnight tractor lights lit up his fine head, which lolled as his long Thoroughbred legs dangled like a marionette’s limbs, only inches above the ground. ‘”Damn it! We should have put him down. We shouldn’t have put him through this!” said Beverly Strauss at the time. The director of Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue recalls saying those words as her throat caught, and she watched him dangle like a ragdoll last March. As hope of saving the young bay gelding faded, a man who assisted in hoisting the starving animal up after he had been down and unable […]