Photo of the Week: Time to bond, relax

Anna Rau and her OTTB gelding Iceberg Lounge  are devoted to each other.

Anna Rau and her OTTB gelding Iceberg Lounge are devoted to each other.

Anna Rau used to write the words “my own horse” at the end of her mother’s grocery shopping lists. “She’s written it on every one since she was 2,” says Kate Rau. After realizing her daughter wasn’t going to outgrow the dream of owning her own horse, the family purchased off-track Thoroughbred Iceberg Lounge nearly two years ago.

The gray gelding is terrified of dragonflies and his own tail, but adores Anna. “It’s been a really good fit; he is devoted to her and she is to him,” Kate says. Iceberg, who is now named Areion, is doing liberty training with Anna.

In this picture, Anna was simply sitting quietly, on a beautiful summer day, making her energy inviting so that he would want to come to her, looking for a connection.

In the future, Anna plans to study veterinary sciences with the goal of becoming a large-animal vet.

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  1. rod

    I knew one of her pictures would be published….they make owning a horse look like poetry together.

  2. Canter Michigan

    For Anna’s future as a Large Animal Vet, we highly recommend Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. Veterinary students receive an advanced education as they assist with all aspects of surgery on CANTER thoroughbreds who suffered racetrack injuries.. surgery preparation, anesthesia, arthroscopic surgery to remove bone chips or repair leg fractures, and post surgery care. Good luck in your future, Anna!

  3. Delrene Sims from Carlsbad, Ca

    They are so happy. As someone said, the picture says it all. So happy she got her dream and he landed a dream of a caregiver.

  4. Kate Rau

    I forgot to tell you that this big sweetie is 17hh.

    Thanks for sharing their picture. It warms my heart to see my girl so content.

  5. Linda R. Moss

    Love it – and a picture is worth 1,000 words <3

  6. Marilyn Vail


  7. Colmel

    Beautiful story – Beautiful picture. I’m glad to see that the little girl grew into a lovely young woman who STILL wanted her own horse.

  8. NicosMom


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