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Cruisin Dude was given exactly one week to be off the backside of the Arapahoe Racetrack. So he picked his person and hasn't looked back.

Against the clock, a TB raced on home

Racing against time like he never had done on the track, Cruisin Dude crossed the most important “finish line” of his life, literally, by a nose. It was in the 11th hour that he reached out with his velvet muzzle and touched Dianne Kingsland on the shoulder. A gesture that would save him from a suspected unhappy fate, as the deadline to vacate the premises ticked down on the backside of Colorado’s Arapahoe Racetrack. “I had no interest in buying a horse that day,” Kingsland recalls. “A bunch of us were told about a horse who had a deadline of […]

Christopher Griffin, a former participant in the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation's Second Chances program at Wateree River Correctional Institution has worked for the last year at a top hunter/jumper and dressage facility in Georgia using the horsemanship skills he learned in prison.

Ex-con: ‘Horses taught me to love and forgive’

A former South Carolina inmate who learned horsemanship skills while in prison has so thoroughly turned his life around that he now holds an integral position at a major dressage and hunter/jumper barn in Atlanta. Christopher Griffin says he owes his second chance at life to the horses who taught him to love and forgive himself, and the opportunities he gained while working with ex-racehorses at the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s Second Chances Program at the Wateree River Correctional Institution. The national program, which teaches horsemanship skills to upstanding inmates, and in turn provides care to ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds, was a godsend […]

In Afghanistan while sitting astride a stallion Cherie Chauvin decided to get back to her first love of horses when she returned to US soil.

A day in Kabul leads to racehorse, joyous life

Sitting astride a stallion on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan, Cherie Chauvin began to think: What am I waiting for? All around she saw suffering people in a ravaged land. Yet somehow life went as it did back in the United States; people shopped in malls, made time for recreation, and simply lived. “I realized that you never know what might happen later today or next week that could change everything,” she says. “So, it was then that I thought that if you’re waiting to do what you really want in life—don’t! That time may never come.” The insight came while […]