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Sue Salk

Susan Salk

To our loyal readers, is back!

After I made the difficult decision to close my 5-year-old blog on Jan. 12, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation immediately stepped in with a unique proposal—and a way to give this site a second chance.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Off Track Thoroughbreds blog, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation has agreed to sustain the continuation of this site, and its stories, which seek to raise awareness of the value of the Thoroughbred ex-racehorse.

Turning the page to begin this new chapter, I am filled with excitement. Long before I started this blog, I admired the Thoroughbred Retirement’s Second Chances program. I had watched a televised news feature about the brilliant program, which teaches inmates horsemanship skills while they care for Thoroughbred ex-racehorses. I always believed that partnership was a win-win for inmates and horses who needed a second chance. And now the TRF has stepped in to do something similar for

In the second incarnation of this blog, I will be reaching out, just as before, to OTTB owners, trainers, veterinarians, re-homing organizations, horse rescues, charities, and people on and off the track who have a great story to tell. You can look forward to fresh stories every week about the horses we love so much. And with the TRF’s blessing I will maintain editorial oversight of the blog. It’s just great the way this worked out!

But at the heart of it all, there is the Thoroughbred. It is for this noble, loyal, and deserving animal that we all do what we do.

So please get in touch via email ( or via text (617-548-1274) with story suggestions. We want to hear from you!

And, I’ll see you back here Wednesday, Feb. 4th with the first story!

48 responses to “Salk OTTB blog now brought to you by the TRF”

  1. Cheryl Bellucci

    Fantastic news! Your blog was severely missed, Susan! You provide a valuable service here… so glad I don’t have to take your name off our press release list!


  2. Enrico Pescatore

    This is great news, Susan! No one else on the whole world wide web is publishing anything like your writing. Telling the stories one by one, horse by horse, is an enormously important effort. We thank you for making it, and we thank the TRF for sponsoring your work along with all of the great work they do every day. I think the Eclipse awards should include an award for best thoroughbred writing and you should be the first recipient. And the TRF should gather your best stories together as a book.

  3. Rebecca

    Great News!!! so glad!

  4. Jacqueline Ruth Tullo

    Linda Passaretti from TRF forwarded me the link to your blog, so I’m new, but can’t wait to read/hear the wonderful stories you will have to tell.
    Thank you for hanging in!

  5. Patty Hamilton

    Susan, Welcome back. This is great news. I love your TB news.
    Best of luck,

  6. Joyce

    This is GREAT news! We support TRF, four of our horses are OTTB’s.. Love reading your stories, so happy your blog is back!

  7. Joan Ludlow

    Wonderful news! I am so glad you are back. I loved reading your articles and was so glad to see the message that you are back.

  8. Cindy Waldron

    I’m so glad it’s back! It is because of this blog that I had courage to buy my first OTTB just last month! Perhaps I might even send you our story!

  9. Linda McDowell

    So glad you are back. I love reading your blog!

  10. Jen

    Outstanding news Susan! No one else tells the OTTB stories that capture our hearts and minds in the beautiful, hopeful and compassionate way that you do… Welcome back and I’ll look forward to your blog with enthusiasm every morning 🙂

  11. LL

    Ditto to all the other comments.

  12. Greg Jones


  13. Susie Harris

    Welcome back! I was so sad to see you go and even kept the shortcut to the site on my computer hoping you’d return. I’ve been clicking it every day “just in case” and here you are again! Yahoo!

  14. Sylvia


  15. Clare

    OUTSTANDING Susan. My heart jumped for joy and skipped a beat at the news that your blog is going to continue. Counting down to the 4th.

  16. Rebecca Fetterman Vensel

    Welcome back! I’ve missed you.

  17. Sylvia

    So glad you and the blog are back!

  18. Ken Lian

    Great news Susan!Looking forward to more OTTB stories.

  19. Jon

    Most excellent. The cause for keeping OTTB’s safe gallops on

  20. Reena

    Thrilled to see you back & LOVE that the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation stepped up! Wish you all the very best! This blog is such a powerful voice for the OTTB & all who love them. Thank you so much for all your hard work & dedication. We truly appreciate it!

  21. Jeanne Kerstiens

    I am thrilled you are back. I’ve really missed the wonderful success stories. As the owner of four horses(3 thoroughbreds- 2 of them OTTBS and an appaloosa), I love reading about good things that can happen for these wonderful, spirited horses. I also hope we can find ways to help others, not so fortunate. Keep up the good work!

  22. Sybil

    One word — YES!!!!!!!!!

  23. Matt Bailis

    Great news, Susan!! Very happy to hear this!!

  24. Nancy Fleming

    That is so awesome….what a WIN/WIN scenario for everyone. I look forward to reading and sharing!

  25. Cindy

    So very happy that you will be able to continue!!!!!

  26. cindy

    I am overjoyed that you are back to the grind!! I love your writing and of course, your topic! What a wonderful outcome.

  27. Patricia Diers

    This is great—Susan, I love your stories

  28. JE

    Wonderful–really enjoy your stories that highlight our wonderful OTTBs and TBs! Great news–thanks to you and TRF!

  29. Chris

    Such great news!!! The great, noble OTTB needs you, and so do we!

  30. Judith Ochs

    Wonderful, wonderful news. There is a really palpable movement with respect to OTTB’s and your blog was definitely part of the emerging picture. Practical Horseman had a big feature on OTTB’s which certainly never happened so prominently in the past.

  31. Teri Barrach

    I’m thrilled for you and for all of us your loyal readers! Keep up the great work! I look forward to many more wonderful stories.

  32. Cynthia Minchillo

    Awesome news!

  33. Marilyn Lee-Hannah

    Susan, you ARE the voice of the retired thoroughbred…kudos to the TRF for its recognition of that!

  34. Colmel

    Terrific! So pleased to have you back. Really missed your wonderful, uplifting stories.

  35. Michelle Y.

    Great news!! I have missed your blog and am excited and grateful that the TRF stepped in to sustain it!! I look forward to reading your stories once again!!

  36. Diane

    Welcome back! This is wonderful news. I’ve been a supporter of the TRF for years so I thank them for sponsoring your blog. Joining forces with them seems like a match made in heaven. Kudos to you both 🙂

  37. Sherry Lansford

    What a wonderful surprise Susan!!!!! And what incredible recognition of, and support, for all you have done, and will continue to do, to promote, and share, the stories of these magnificent horses……your gift of writing and compassion as well as the education you provide to those who have a thirst to know more, and even for those who may not have been aware, is a treasure for all. Thank you also to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation for your support of Susan’s blog so we can continue to share, and spread, the heart of the Thoroughbred. Over the past four years, we have adopted three OTTBs, who are loved as members of our family and who are champions in our hearts…we promote the welfare of the Thoroughbred within the industry and are passionate in the belief that they deserve to live out their lives sharing their love and being loved in return.

  38. Pam

    Yay!! I’m so glad you’re back, Susan. I used to look forward to your blog entries, and now I can do so again. You have wonderful, inspiring stories, and you provide a much-needed service for our beloved Thoroughbreds.

  39. Joan Stephens

    YEA!!!! So glad things worked out so well for you and the Ottb Blog. Can’t wait for your next Story. Love what you do for all Thoroughbreds.

  40. Victoria Racimo

    Go girl! This is wonderful, exciting, AND REASSURING news that your talents and insightful words will continue to inform us, change us, and make us more aware of the good works others do for the Thoroughbreds we love and to whose stories you give voice. Congratulations to you and to TRF!

  41. Cynthia S Lasseter

    Dear Ms. Salk,

    I can’t tell you how much I have missed your blog! I did not realize how much I enjoyed and learned reading about OTTBs. It is my dream to offer a home to a retired racehorse to return to the horse in light of how much I love horse racing and all the enjoyment it has given to me! Welcome home! I hope to start working on a 501 3C as soon as possible, so any articles you can add to your blog will be greatly appreciated!

  42. SusanA

    YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY to TRF!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  43. Susan Murray

    Somehow, I knew that you would be back. Your service is too valuable to simply let it go. I assumed that a sponsor would step up. I’m glad that I was right. Welcome back!

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