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Moccasin Dancer, 23, was reunited with one of his old friends earlier this year. The longtime lesson pony has earned a sweet retirement.

An old lesson horse, not forgotten, gets his due

After a decade spent obliging a blur of riders who honed their equestrian skills on him, a 23-year-old T’bred was placed for sale on Craigslist, and soon had one of his old friends come calling. In a story that might not have ended so well for Moccasin Dancer, a quick glance at Craigslist, and a mother’s recognition of the photo backdrop, the place where her daughter took lessons, brought a very happy conclusion to the old geldings long lesson career. “I asked my daughter Cassandra if the horse I’d spotted on Craigslist looked familiar and she yelled, ‘That’s Simon!’ And I […]