Swiftly, wildly fun; and then he was gone

Darian Maude and Inside Trading had a great bond.

Darian Maude and Inside Trading had a great bond.

He came flashing into their lives, a “crazy, crazy thing” and made them better horsemen. Then he was gone.

After three years with the Sherwood Farm family of riders in Canada, Inside Trading left proprietor Marilyn Lee, her daughter Robin Hannah, and two dedicated students who learned much from the bright bay T-bred everybody expected to “go big.”

Instead, his flame was extinguished without warning on Oct. 20. After he became suddenly sick with colic, the animal was rushed to the hospital and surgery was begun to correct a twisted gut, but to no avail.

Nicknamed Woody for a family member who also died young, the excitable T-bred who took his students on some wild rides, departed for good on Oct. 20.

“He had such a deep impact on the students in his life, especially Darian Maude and Kayla White,” Lee says. “It’s just so sad because he was the horse everybody thought was going places. I always thought that, and so did my daughter Robin. We knew he was destined for the A circuit.”

Inside Trading
Show name: Curb Appeal
Barn name: Woody
Sire: Toccet
Dam: Inner Circle
Foal date: April 18, 2008
And it was to be 17-year-old Darian, a modest student who reveled in their exciting rides, who planned to do so much with him after a promising first show. One of the few people who could ride the blustery animal, the pair won the championship at their very first show: the Niagara Cup Series, in 2013.

Remembering that day, Darian says she was nervous. He was still “pretty wild” and yet, the two clicked so well that other competitors didn’t have a chance.

“I’ve been riding him for about two years. He started off as this crazy, crazy thing, and I just loved it,” Darian says. “It was exciting to me because you never knew what he would do next. As he grew, I grew, and I learned to be the rider I am today because of him.”

Woody and Kayla White after a winning round.

Woody and Kayla White after a winning round.

Sadly, he died on the day after her birthday. The day before, the pair took advantage of a rare sunny day and took an outdoor hack. Afterwards, she posed with him for photographs, now treasured reminders of their short time together.

“He taught me so much,” Darian says. “One of the biggest things is that almost all horses can be amazing if someone is willing to put in the time, and be dedicated to them and not give up on them.” ♥ —Author’s note: Marilyn Lee asks anyone with a Toccet T-bred to please contact her.

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9 responses to “Swiftly, wildly fun; and then he was gone”

  1. Marilyn Lee-Hannah

    Thank you for your lovely comments about our talented…and devilishly handsome…young Woody. What you say is all so true….we miss him madly but think of and remember him daily. Come spring, an apple tree will be planted for him on our farm.

  2. Laura

    I lost my OTTB Father Weist “Peanut” 3 weeks ago to a shattered leg. they really are a part of the family and their loss is mourned. The are never truly gone as long as we remember.

  3. Lynne Jones

    So sorry to hear of your loss. THese animals become part of our families if we are the true compassionate individual God meant us to be. Unfortunately, there are too many individuals that feel these loving animals are nothing more than something to be tossed aside. I feel for you and I, too, wonder why we are so lucky to have them come into our lives, and then have them taken away from us. Just remember, he may not be here in living form but he is always with you and he thanks you for your love and partnership. God Bless.

  4. Jan/ Springtime Farm

    One never knows why these special horses come into
    our lives. They usually have valuable life lessons
    to teach us. And while these lessons may be very difficult to learn…
    They shall never be forgotten, just like the lovely blaze of your
    beloved thoroughbred. May you be at peace knowing
    that he had an amazing, but short life with you.

  5. Lindsey

    This story just brought tears to my eyes.. We just lost my morgan gelding almost two months ago from complications with choke. We were at a show two weeks before, and then all of the sudden he was just gone. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I am very sorry for your loss. He sounds like a very special horse who was lucky to have you guys.

  6. Stephanie Morse

    so sorry, but so glad you had him for the time you did; sounds like it was great for him and all of his people

  7. Callie1983

    My heartfelt condolences to you. Your beautiful horse ‘Picked’ you as his person and that is why you were able to do such wonderful things together.

    He was a very lucky horse to have you in his life and he truly loved you because those wild rides were not too wild for you!

  8. Louise Martin

    I am so sorry that this beautiful horse passed so suddenly….I am thankful that he was happy while he was with you!!

  9. Michelle Y.

    What a gorgeous horse he was, he certainly did have “Curb Appeal”!! I’m sorry he passed away so suddenly and so early in life.

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