$750 T-bred qualifies for Rolex, let’s rumble

What a test! AP Prime and Leah Lang-Gluscic finish the  cross-country course at Fair Hill last weekend after being halted twice for fallen riders.

What a test! AP Prime and Leah Lang-Gluscic finish the cross-country course at Fair Hill last weekend after being halted twice for fallen riders.

A $750 T-bred, off the track for just four years, qualified last weekend to compete at the preeminent Rolex Kentucky Three Day.

AP Prime, grandson of the great A.P. Indy, and his owner/rider Leah Lang-Gluscic rode their hearts out at Fair Hill last weekend, despite being halted twice on course while injured riders were tended to.

It was amazing to Lang-Gluscic that he was able to pull himself up from a hell bent dash over the challenging course, that twice had fallen riders ahead of them and caused the event to be momentarily halted.

“AP was so professional! This was our first hold on course ever. It happened right after Fence 8, but I wasn’t worried, because the next fence was a big and inviting, and easy to re-start the course with,” she says.

AP Prime
Sire: Aptitude, by A.P. Indy
Dam: Czarina Kate
Foal date: March 14, 2005
It got worse. “Then, after we got through with Jumps 9 and 10, we came flying up a huge hill and saw the huge blue tarps ahead, surrounding Fence 11.

“When you see the blue tarps, that means something horrible has happened,” she says of the time-honored way of shielding the public’s view.

Her heart hammering as she fought to rein in her ex-racehorse, and Lang-Gluscic was “very upset” until she was reassured that the fallen horse/rider team were not badly injured. And she kept AP walking and calm until she was given her third “Go!” signal of the day.

“When we got the signal to again, I was a little nervous. Jump 11 is a huge Trakehner, and it goes right up the hill to a Coffin, which is notorious at Fair Hill for being difficult,” she says. “But AP was amazing! We went right over it and finished the ride!”

The Fair Hill course wound up testing everything they had.

The Fair Hill course wound up testing everything they had.

Although they ended with a time penalty, Lang-Gluscic says AP did an extraordinary job stopping and restarting the course twice, and jumping clean and willingly. “This is a difficult course designed by the same course designers at Rolex. A lot of people had time penalties and refusals. But AP went clean and very bold.”

In the show jumping round the next day, though they had three rails, two were her fault—she rushed him past the distance and he caught them with his hind feet—and a third was a fluke. “When I got him into a good quality canter, he jumped his heart out and went perfectly. I need to get my eye a little more patient by Kentucky, and I think we can be competitive there.”

With the tests of Fair Hill behind them, AP Prime will relax on a six-week vacation before heading to Ocala, Fla. for the winter. “He’ll get fuzzy, he’ll get fat, and he’ll be happy,” she says. “Then we’ll do two advanced level horse trials, shorter ones, and we’ll be on target for Rolex!” ♥

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12 responses to “$750 T-bred qualifies for Rolex, let’s rumble”

  1. Jon

    I watched A.P. Prime and Leah at jump 11. AP was rolling like a freight train when Leah had to pull him up on course for the injured rider ahead. AP was clearly focused on the next jump. After a long hold she allowed to continue. AP was back up to speed and flew jump 11 right out of stride. He certainly was not phased by the hold on course. AP is a beautiful horse doing what he loves to do. Heart, brains and athleticism are why we love our TB’s.

  2. Roxann Gill

    I also have,a big 17.2 hand gelding from Seattle slew Bloodline.you just,can’t beat the power and,energy of OTTBs

  3. Betsy McDowell

    Awesome story. I also have a 4 yo grandson of A.P. Indy. 16.1 Chestnut with lots of chrome. solid mind, heart of gold. for sale.

  4. Sharon

    Fantastic news! So happy for AP Prime and his connections.

  5. Lisa Melone

    Ah, another fine A.P.Indy star! Great story for my dreary, rainy week in Maine. My guy (A.P.Indy grandson) will never do what her horse did, but I love him to bits.

  6. Rebecca

    Awesome story! What a huge heart!!! <3

  7. Ellen Brayshaw

    Wow, I welded with tears. Great story and a great rider and horse. His back class pedigree is strong, top and bottom let alone his sire and damn. You ride and take my heart with you for in my youth I evented too. I’ve always stated that thoroughbreds can do it all and better. They are designed athelets with a heart of gold to match. I’m so proud of you both how professionally you handled bumps in your course to the finish. You too are headed to the heights for sure..my best of luck..el

  8. cheri vaughan

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Colmel

    Fantastic bloodlines and with AP Indy, Secretariat, Buckpasser, and Northern Dancer in there, it’s a cinch that he doesn’t quit. He’s a beautiful guy! Best of luck and you know all of us who follow Susan’s blog will be cheering for you during the Rolex. Might even have to see about making a trip to visit all my friends (human and equine) in Lexington about that time.



  11. cindy

    You know I love the AP Indy horses. What a great story-thank you for all the good work you do!

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