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Tattooed Thoroughbred Flattering Irene was pulled by the South Florida SPCA from an illegal butcher in the East Everglades last week. She was already listed as deceased in Jockey Club information, according to the South Florida SPCA.

3 T-breds rescued from illegal butcher

Standing in a yard piled high with the entrails of slaughtered animals, three tattooed Thoroughbreds were among 10 rescued equines pulled from an illegal slaughterhouse on Oct. 6, and led to safety from a remote region of East Everglades Florida. Horses in various states of deterioration stood terrified in a field where a mountain of innards, enough to fill the beds of several pickups, were covered only with a rug. And where the sounds of slow death came as a butcher’s knife blade sliced the throat of cows and other animals, according to Laurie Waggoner, head of operations at the […]