Ga. lady flies to Boston, takes 5 Suffolk T-breds

Blue Skies Farm in Georgia recently accepted 5 Suffolk Downs horses to their facility where horses are treated with tender-loving care. Pictured are two Blue Skies residents enjoying a dip in a steam.

Blue Skies Farm in Georgia recently accepted 5 Suffolk Downs horses to their facility, a place where horses are treated with tender-loving care. Pictured are two Blue Skies residents enjoying a dip in a steam.

Certain that her Georgia riding academy didn’t need more horses, yet equally certain the T-breds on the backside of Suffolk Downs racetrack needed her, Beverly Bochetto of Blue Skies Riding Academy rocketed off to the defunct racetrack two weeks ago and took home five Thoroughbreds.

As though conducting a tactical military maneuver, Beverly Bochetto and her barn manager A.J. Martin flew to Logan Airport on a Tuesday, and went straight to the backside. Working their cell phones like operatives, they connected with longtime Thoroughbred advocate and trainer Lorita Lindemann, who worked as a liaison between Bochetto and backside personnel.

Not all trainers readily bought Bochetto’s story, when she told them of her 30-acre facility in Georgia, which caters to a modified Girl Scouts program.

“Some of the people were a little leery of us, they were afraid we were kill buyers,” she says. “But we really do have a beautiful 30-acre facility, which we own.”

And in the end, Bochetto wound up taking one stallion, two geldings, and two fillies from Boston to Georgia, where they are now getting their barn legs under them, she says.

A young rider at Blue Skies Farm typifies the fun and energy of a horse farm where horsemanship is taught in a Girl Scouts-type program.

A young rider at Blue Skies Farm typifies the fun and energy of a horse farm where horsemanship is taught in a Girl Scouts-type program.

The proprietor of a certified nonprofit, which teaches horsemanship to young girls and patterns itself after the Girl Scouts program, and which also rehabilitates horses, says she decided to get involved after ignoring news reports of the impending racetrack closure.

“I knew the whole Suffolk Downs thing was going down and I was doing my best to ignore it,” she says. “I knew if I mentioned it to my daughter Sammy, who is an instructor here, that she’d say Mom, we cant’ take another horse. And then she came to me one day and asked if I knew what was happening at Suffolk Downs.”

“I looked at her and said, ‘What do you want to do?’ And she said, ‘We have to do something.’ ”

So she picked up the phone, and contacted Lindemann, who exclaimed, “Come on down!”

Bochetto’s act of kindness is one of many to soften the blow of losing the racetrack.

At the farm, Suffolk Downs horses will be given all the time they need to adapt to a laid-back lifestyle.

At the farm, Suffolk Downs horses will soon walk among the Georgia pines with students learning good horsemanship and Girl Scout skills.

“I’ve never seen anything like the outpouring we’re receiving,” says Lindemann. “I mean, here’s this woman, she calls me up, flies here an tells me she will take as many as she can.”

At the end of the expedition, Bochetto took in stallion This Ones for Nina, geldings Nacho Earl, 4, and Surprise Me, 5, and fillies Sob Story, 4 and Vintage Prado, 3.

The group has been stabled together, one alongside the other. And Bochetto says they have as much time as they need to get their feet under them, and adapt to their new 30-acre farm in Georgia.

“Right now we’re getting them used to a new feeding schedule. They’ve been banging their buckets at 3 a.m., and my barn manager AJ has been yelling, ‘You’re not at the track anymore!’ We’re slowly moving up their feed time to a later hour,” she says. The stallion is to be gelded this week, and assessments will be done on the horses before they’re gradually introduced to a life that promises happy children and the crackling sound of peppermints being unwrapped.

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  1. Jenna M

    This story is incredibly uplifting. Thank you to the kind people who are giving these horses a new life. I’ve been following the horses at Suffolk for most of the summer and Nacho Earl held a special place in my heart. I’m thrilled to hear he’s doing well and being spoiled. Thank you Beverly for what you do!

  2. Margo Palmer

    This is wonderful. Here is Vintage Prado during his racing career:

  3. cheri vaughan

    Wow! Great story, great humans and horses together!

  4. Jennifer Keeney

    Yup definitely spoiled already. Up there Sunday night to pick up my daughter, said hello to the new kids & they were all like,”hi, hi, hi! You have treats right?” Earl was pushing his nose around looking all over me for something. So yeah, between the horse crazy humans who ran to Boston to get them & the horse crazy children who ride there , these horses are set for life.

    1. Colmel

      Thank you so much, Jennifer, for confirming what I had heart-hoped. These guys have it “made in the shade.” Good for everyone!

  5. Jennifer Keeney

    My daughter has been riding with this barn for 8 years & they never cease to amaze me with their kindness, love & dedication. Not only the horses but the riders they teach. I’m so glad we chose this barn to be part of our family. Everyone works together for the greater good of all. Beverly, AJ and Sami are nothing short of amazing women with such strong character & such huge hearts. I’m honored to call these women my friends. Thank you for standing up for what’s right ladies! We love you!

  6. Kathy Dube

    Wonderful story!

  7. Ellen O'Brien

    Some very nice horses in that bunch–best of luck!

  8. Barbara Shelton

    I know Beverly, Sammy and Blue Skies very well. The thorobred horses will have a wonderful life at this beautiful place. As for A.J., she talks tough but is a pushover. They can count on being spoiled.Great article.

  9. Lisa

    This is the barn that my daughter rides at and she absolutely love it. The girls and parents already love all the new horses and they will be well taken care of (and spoiled a bit). This barn takes great care of all their horses and teaches all the young people how to do the same. It is a great place for the kids to learn about taking care of the horse, horses in general and riding. The horses are going to love it there!

  10. Lisa Melone

    Good for Beverly! Nacho Earl was on my “watch list”, although taking another horse on was not really a great option, I felt like these horses needed all the help they could get. Kudos to Beverly and her daughter.

  11. Michelle Y.

    What a hugely selfless act!! Thank you!!

  12. Delrene

    So wonderful to read this great story. Horses will be so happy and well cared for. BRAVO ! A true Georgia peach

  13. cindy

    I would want to do the same and I would be worried my daughter would react just the same way. Bravo to such wonderful people and doing “the right thing” when it is needed! Great story.

  14. Jennifer

    Blue Skies Riding Academy is a great place for these horses. They will take great care of them and I know the horses will be loved by many. ❤️ Blue Skies takes wonderful care of all of their animals. They are great people with a beautiful farm.

  15. Kari

    This barn is where my daughter and I both ride. The horses will learn new skills and be completely spoiled by the students and parents who ride here.



  17. Meg

    Honored to know this outfit. They are the real deal-huge hearted, hard working, and true lovers of horses.

  18. JE

    Wonderful, uplifting story. Thank you, Beverly for stepping up to the plate!!

  19. Colmel

    I am so thrilled and proud (having formerly lived in Georgia for 20+ years and being past president of Georgia Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association) to hear that these horses will have such a wonderful life in Georgia. BRAVO!

  20. Jon

    Bold move. Well done!

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