Matchmaking for horses with Facebook

Carleigh Fedorka found her dream Thoroughbred on Facebook.

Carleigh Fedorka found her dream Thoroughbred on Facebook.

The ubiquitous nature of Facebook, so effective in uniting people along common ground, hobbies, and passions recently took the legwork out of search for a dream horse.

No sooner had Carleigh Fedorka posted a description of the type of horse she sought on a Facebook page, then the offers came rolling in. Including, it turns out, the perfecting Eventing prospect she sought.

PR logoFedorka told Jen Roytz of the Paulick Report’s OTTB Showcase, that everything fell into place very quickly. Shortly after reading a Facebook message from Jak Knelman of Paris, Ky., promising that he had the horse she was looking for, she was to the races. And retired racehorse Cold as Stone, who had been standing in a field, found a new job with a young rider.

And Carleigh soon found herself making a deal after meeting the gelding in the flesh. “He is very well put together and fit all of my criteria. He was between three and five years old, taller than sixteen hands, gelded and above all else, he was sound! But, when I got on I realized how amazing his brain was and how soft his mouth is. He just naturally floated around in a frame.”

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