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Jeanne Mirabito of Our Mims rescued this Thoroughbred, ID'd as Jo Jo's Gypsy, from a herd of horses deemed to be abandoned by the County Attorney of Bourbon County. Jo Jo was identified by Dr. Walker Logan and the Jockey Club.

‘If I left her, it would be her death warrant’

The 16-hand “walking skeleton” abandoned in the Kentucky woods with dozens of other Thoroughbreds before authorities intervened in early August was in a condition so alarming that Jeanne Mirabito knew if she left her, she would be “signing her death warrant.” “I knew that she was so close to death that she would lie down and die in that field,” says Mirabito, president of Our Mims Retirement Haven, a Kentucky facility serving older broodmares. “So I said I want that horse. If I couldn’t save her, at least she was going to leave this earth being cared for and loved, […]