New Vocations show mobbed, earns $65K

Dundee competes at the New Vocations show. Photo by Sandy Seabrook

Jill Stowe and New Vocations Thoroughbred graduate Dundee compete at the 11th annual New Vocations Charity Horse Show this month. Photo by Sandy Seabrook

(Press Release)—The 11th annual New Vocations Charity Horse Show on July 10 was a huge success with over 1,400 entries and raising $65,000 to support racehorse aftercare.

The Indiana HBPA was the official title sponsor of the event, which drew a record attendance. Many of the exhibitors came simply to show off their former racehorses in both the Thoroughbred specialty classes as well as the open classes. Non-Thoroughbreds also competed, showing their support of New Vocations’ efforts.

“It was truly great to see so many retired racehorses competing in one place,” said New Vocations Program Director Anna Ford. “We are ever grateful to the individuals and industry groups who supported the show through the various sponsorship opportunities. These sponsors, along with all the hard working volunteers and exhibitors, make this event possible each year.

“Thoroughbreds with backgrounds ranging from one start to over 90, and no earnings to over $500,000, competed side by side, proving that they can excel in new careers beyond the track. Over $6,500 in prize money was awarded through sponsors and the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program, along with beautiful ribbons and a vast selection of quality prizes.

Angel's tune competes at the New Vocations Show. Photo by Sandy Seabrook

Laura Norton and New Vocations Thoroughbred Graduate Angel’s Tune do the hunter division at the New Vocations Charity Horse Show. Photo by Sandy Seabrook

Among the 95 Thoroughbreds competing, several should be noted. Nineteen-year-old, multiple stakes placed Miz Emmalou, who raced 22 times and earned over $153,000, was the War Horse Champion. Ohio-bred Letsgostreaking, with 14 starts and $1,400 in earnings, won the Thoroughbred Hunter Classic. Ontario-bred Society Fox, with 20 starts and $7,600 in earnings, was a star in the jumper ring, winning the Thoroughbred Jumper Stakes. Lastly, the Kentucky-bred Western Duels was crowned the Thoroughbred Dressage Champion.

A number of industry partners, owners, trainers and breeders joined together to sponsor the event. This year’s key sponsors include: the Indiana HBPA, Ohio HBPA, James and Anita Cauley, Homewrecker Racing, Eisaman Equine Services and 100% Racing.

For 22 years, New Vocations has provided a safety net for retired racehorses leaving the track; on average, the program takes in over 400 horses a year. Starting with a single farm in Dayton, Ohio, New Vocations has grown to encompass six facilities in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Serving over 40 racetracks, New Vocations works directly with owners and trainers in need of an aftercare program for their horses. New Vocations has a sound adoption system in place that is proven to move a large number of horses in a rather short period of time. The focus is on adoption rather than retirement, believing that each horse deserves to have a home and a purpose. For more information, visit♥

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    This is truly a celebration of our OTTBs. A thrill to read. To all who gathered, convened and made this happen and to all who intend to ensure its continued successful future, heart felt thanks and wishes for more of this recognition and fulfillment of the horses’ potential off track. Thank you Susan for another illuminating article.

  2. Patty Hamilton

    I give New Vocations a lot of credit for what they are doing for retired racehorses. These horses have abilities beyond the track. They are smart, athletic and want to please us. If retired racehorses are in the right hands they can do wonders. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Deborah Ahrns

    Awesome photos and story. Wanted to update you about my Thoroughbred Winter North last spring he was diagnosed with EPM we and basically lost use of his back right leg he would not take any weigh on it and when he walked if he stepped it would go under his belly crossing over. We treated him for six months with a combination treatment and one month Marquis always offer vitamin E and as of last month he walks straight can stand to have his feet done! He needs to rebuild his strength on that side but is doing awesome. So if you have or know of a horse with EPM let me know and I will give details! It is a miracle! Debbie

  4. Victoria McCullough

    just absolutely beautiful . I really LOVE horses shows that are really all about THE HORSE this is so very important , while i have been buried in text and legality and Legislation in DC all of my brothers and sisters who love TB s have been making their viability a reality to recognized Nationwide . How can I say thank you that is meaningful . these shows are just heart and soul and I have to find a way to create a National Championship to give year end awards and publicity to encourage others to follow these leaders love to everyone who competed here

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