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Posso Volare, who is sired by Rachel Alexandra’s sire Medagilia d’Oro, was a wash out on the track. But he is rocking his new career. Photo by Allie Conrad

8 CANTER Mid Atlantic horses storm show

Eight ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds trained and re-homed by CANTER Mid Atlantic competed, en masse, at the Cabin Branch Schooling horse trials—the largest group to represent the Thoroughbred charity in this particular event. “This is the largest group we’ve ever had!” exclaimed Allie Conrad, executive director of CANTER Mid Atlantic, a Thoroughbred charity. “Have eight horses at once really validates our program. It shows that our horses get sold to the right home. We’re not selling a horse that doesn’t want to be an eventer to an eventer, or a horse that doesn’t want to go around in a hunting frame to […]

Valentine is a 19-year-old ex-racehorse Thoroughbred who shows no signs of stopping as an Eventing sport horse. Photo  courtesy of Kayla August.

19 year old T-bred is Eventing rock star

Valentine, a poorly put together 19-year-old Thoroughbred with knee chips and early stage navicular, is blowing the socks off the competition in Preliminary cross-country throughout the Area 3 Eventing world. The unlikely sport horse, who once won a race under Jockey Club name R Motel, by “running in terror from the other horses” is never so happy as when he is plunging into water, and soaring over obstacles with his owner Kayla August. “His thing is Cross Country. He falls asleep before dressage and showing jumping. But put him in a start box and he goes wild,” she says. “At […]

Megan Kerford searched for Lost Tribute for four years, losing track of him after his last race at Thisteldown.

Weary racehorse comes home to tears, a hug

Goosebumps of pride and peals of laughter celebrated the moment as cameras flashed, and the winning photo was taken. And then all was blighted by the presentation of an ugly red claiming tag, which sucked the breath from Megan Kerford, and dissolved her to tears. “I went from feeling like we’d won the Kentucky Derby to feeling like I was going to barf,” Kerford says. “Even just thinking back on it now makes me feel horrible. I remember that day like it was yesterday, and how I went into the bathroom at Woodbine (Race Track) and I lied down on […]