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Laurie Waggoner of the South Florida SPCA with one of six starving Thoroughbred mares rescued last night.

6 starving T-bred mares saved in Fla. sweep

The South Florida SPCA, working in conjunction with the Miami-Dade Agricultural Patrol, seized eight severely malnourished horses June 1, including six Thoroughbred mares. As of last night, only one horse identification had been made, and another mare had died. According to her lip tattoo, Florida-bred  Thoroughbred Maggie’s Shamrock was among the group of severely malnourished horses. “It’s rare that we get a group that is this skinny,” says Laurie Waggoner, director of South Florida SPCA ranch operations. “Usually there’s one who is worst, the skinniest, and then there are others who seem to survive off of air. But this time, they’re all […]