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  1. Sahika Riley

    Please check out http://www.horserhythm.org Please call us if you have any questions at 602-688-7424

    1. Morgan Griffith

      I did go over and check out your website. The many options you have for working with the horses is amazing. Your understanding of the needs of soldiers and first responders is first class. This is wonderful work you are doing. I find myself traveling through AZ from time to time. Would love to ring you up and arrange to stop by if that is possible. I just wish there were infinitely more programs such as yours out there.

  2. Sahika Riley

    Thank you everyone for all your wonderful responses. I want to clarify that Horse Rhythm Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit who DOES NOT charge veterans or first responders. They are made up of ALL volunteers. So all donations go back into the organization/horses and veterans/FR themselves. The sponsorship is to help feed and provide shelter. We are combat veterans, disabled veterans and first responders giving back to the same and their families. We find it important to understand the culture. Devgru has been an amazing asset to our program. We feel honored to have him and the other equine therapists in our group. To us he is a veteran and we hold him near and dear to our hearts. We also thank all the other organizations out there serving our men and woman who have served our country.

  3. KT Parmelee

    There is another program out there for vets. It too uses off the track thoroughbreds as therapy horses. The program is called Saratoga War Horse Foundation and there are 2 locations. It pairs a vet with a horse for a weekend with NO cost to the veteran. You can find information about this unique program at http://www.SaratogaWarHorse.com

  4. Dennis Miller

    As Devgru’s former owner (now owned by Canter) and founder of Canter Arizona I am gratified by your posts and interest in supporting this type of program. FYI Horse Rhythm Foundation is the only organization of this type to be approved by the VA in Arizona to conduct this therapy. Many of these vets still live in VA facilities and are vanned to the facility for therapy.
    Canter Arizona has committed to sponsoring Devgru for one year at a cost of $5,000. I have committed to back-stopping that effort if necessary. There are currently 5 other horses in the program (no TBs) that have corporate sponsorship.
    Therefore, if there is anyone among you that can spare even the smallest of contributions it would be absolutely appreciated on two fronts. First, of course it would help us continue with this program and secondly it would offer amazing moral support for all those involved in the program, both vets and therapists.

    Dennis Miller

    1. Morgan Griffith

      It’s a wonderful thing you do Dennis. No money right now but that should look up in the future and I’ll be able to send some funding.

  5. Morgan Griffith

    I wish that the VA would contract with horse therapy organizations to help their servicemen and woman who suffer the effects from war. It would be a win/win for the horses and the veterans.

    1. David B Magee

      What a compelling suggestion ! Write to Barack Obama at The White House (for contact info see whitehouse.gov, where you may also e-mail him) about the V.A. Therapeutic (for both participants!) Horse Rescue idea. Ask all your horse~loving friends to write to him as well ~ have them tell THEIR friends (and on and on ~ GRASS ROOTS organizing truly can affect change !!) I have it on good authority if enough people write to POTUS about any given subject, he WILL get involved. Heat attracts attention. A figurative wildfire must gather heat and strength again, at GROUND LEVEL. To all my fellow horse~loving friends, get involved, give what you can … And Save The Life of a Horse ~ TODAY !!! With Love, David B. Magee

      1. Morgan Griffith

        Well David I think I will start a campaign. My focus was on the VA where I got nowhere. I will include in my focus both President Obama and my senators and reps both state and federal. I truly do think this is the way to invest in a veteran’s return to a healthy future. There are a shameful amount of suicides that could be prevented by having a horse as a friend.

        1. David B Magee

          YES !! YOU GO GIRL !!! I’ll e~mail Barack myself and spread the word to try to get others to do the same. Horses can save human beings just as humans must save
          these innocents …

          You are SO right on all scores. T’his is SUCH a worthy cause.

          Please keep me posted !

          And all best wishes for success !!

          David Magee

          1. Morgan Griffith

            I will certainly keep you updated. There are a lot of things to consider such as the availability of horse therapy orgs in various areas and their willingness to work with this project and a whole lot of etceteras.

          2. David B Magee

            Hi, Morgan ~ Don’t let the bureaucratic morass get you down. Just keep moving forward ! You have my deepest respect. Yours, David Magee

  6. Sandy Carr

    Thank you…from all angles.

  7. Melanie Lema

    I’ve kept watch on this boy from the time he was running, as I own and have raced one of his siblings, Rockinarz Recruit. He’s been fully retired and is currently rehabbing (again) after suspensory issues. I’ve also seen Devgru on Canter’s site and had hoped he would end up someplace great. Looks like he has! Having a son who recently came home after serving the Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan, this story means a lot to me from both aspects (the man and the horse). Thank you for this story!

  8. David B Magee

    “Horse sense is the thing horses have which prevents them from betting on people.”

    W.C. Fields

  9. Pk Training


    Horse with bad knee becomes therapy horse – LOVE IT!

  10. Michelle

    Ah, yes… “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” Winston Churchill

    Great story!!

  11. Canter Michigan

    Thank you CANTER Arizona and Dennis Miller for sharing this wonderful story with Susan Salk and Off Track Thoroughbreds so everyone can see it. I would urge everyone to share on facebook and email to friends. The Aftercare of Thoroughbreds is an important mission and success stories like this one help the public see just how special thoroughbreds are in achieving new careers and helping people.

  12. David B Magee

    He is ONE HANDSOME BOY !!!!

    Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing to save horses lives. I am a financial supporter. It moves the heart to see the social consciousness growing widely and exponentially, at long last. If you’re not already giving (however small the amount; whatever you might afford) to one of these truly loving groups you see on your right, I strongly urge you to do so. Skip that 2nd latte` (!!), get involved :

    Yours most sincerely, David Magee

  13. Cynthia Minchillo

    Cool story!

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