6 responses to “Her $750 T’bred conquers advanced x-country”

  1. Janet Coy

    AWESOME !!! Another shining example of what OTTB’s can accomplish after the track. Congrats to Leah for bringing this beautiful horse along so well !!!

  2. Laura

    Awesome! This also highlights how well Leah prepared her horse. A horse can have all the talent in the world and if the horse is rushed it can be ruined. What a great pair!

  3. Rebecca

    What an awesome pair!!! I am overjoyed that they found each other :):):) A Divine plan 🙂 I pray they continue to excel! ^.^

  4. jon

    The horse does not have to be expensive to do this well. I just takes talent for rider and horse and hard work. What a great OTTB!

  5. cheri vaughan

    MY GOODNESS!!! UNREAL!! What a pair, what a demonstration of discipline, strength, beauty and athleticism! Both equine and human! WOW.

  6. TBDancer

    SUPER video! What an athletic and clever boy Leah has. “Prime” indeed!

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