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Press Exclusive's physical beauty belies the horror she face en route to slaughter. Her eyes still show slight tearing, from where she was trampled on a slaughter-bound truck. She is safe and thriving at Equine Advocates in Upstate N.Y. Photo by Nousha Salimi

Press Exclusive treated for ulcerated mouth

Overgrown teeth so sharp they ulcerated the mouth of the racemare, were the last things to be made right in a life gone so wrong. Before she had her mouth probed last week by a veterinary dentist, Press Exclusive had endured pain and suffering that few horses could, and still survive. Sold to slaughter after earning close to a half million on the track and then producing nine successive foals, she had fallen in the overcrowded truck racing toward Canada and was trampled beneath the hooves of other frightened horses. Her story of survival and of her rescue at the […]