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Look Ah Yondah, left, and Prayer Service are Jan Roel's pair of off-track Thoroughbreds, currently making waves in the carriage-driving world as a unique pair of racehorses among warmbloods.

T’bred nobody wanted pulls a carriage for team

Nobody wanted a horse with screws in his ankle. Cute as he was, Look Ah Yondah looked rather pitiful when stacked against other sale horses vying for new homes on CANTER Kentucky’s sale horse listings. With six permanently affixed screws in his ankle and a paralytic condition of his throat, which affected his breathing, he didn’t seem the ideal partner for future sport-horse activities, says Jan Roehl, executive director of the Thoroughbred Horse Show Association. But in fact, she took one look at Yondah and knew something different just might be in store. “He was not adoptable for many people […]