Taba Dance dies on her 26th birthday

Taba's Dance

Taba Dance

(Press Release)—Our Mims Retirement Haven bid farewell to Taba Dance at its Paris, Kentucky farm. Taba Dance, a daughter of Sovereign Dancer out of the Argentinean champion Taba, was euthanized on Feb. 8, her birthday.

She suffered from a sudden onset of devastating laminitis with a very poor prognosis. The mare was 26.

Taba Dance was unplaced in three races at Arlington Park. She sold at Keeneland four separate times. Her highest sale price came at the Keeneland November 1995 sale where her auction price attained $110,000. Taba Dance had nine foals in her broodmare career. Her most famous offspring is Tabadabado by Gilded Time. Tabadabado won $163,828 and came in third in the 2001 Kentucky Cup Mile.

Taba Dance
Sire: Sovereign Dancer
Dam: Taba
Foal date: Feb. 8, 1988
The half-sister of champion Turkoman was donated to the Haven on September 10, 2009. She was fully sponsored by her owner, Cathy Dickenson. Because of the snow and ice, burial was not an option, and Taba Dance was cremated at Ms. Dickenson’s expense. Her ashes will be buried at the Haven cemetery next to her dam, Taba.

Jeanne Mirabito, founder and president of Our Mims Retirement Haven, said Taba was one of a kind.

“She delighted in splashing in puddles and wallowing in mud. She could keep the most experienced horse person circling the pasture for quite some time while she avoided being caught. But let a child call out her name and that big mare would drop her head, nose almost dragging the ground for the child to lead her with ease. She will be missed.”

Mirabito added, “Taba Dance was a very lucky horse to be owned by Cathy Dickenson, and Taba Dance owned Cathy’s heart.

The ashes of Taba Dance will be buried next to her dam Taba on the farm

The ashes of Taba Dance will be buried next to her dam Taba on the farm

“The Dickenson’s support for their horses doesn’t end when the horse stops earning money. They believe their horses are forever. They are a shining example of what horse ownership should be. If more owners were like them, there would never be a need for horse rescue. The entire thoroughbred industry should applaud their dedication.”

OMRH became a 501(c) 3 nonprofit in 2006. Featured in Barbara Livingston’s More Old Friends, the Haven specializes in “restoring in health and spirit in aged mares.” The Haven is supported through donations, eBay auctions, and its online shop.

Our Mims Retirement Haven is home to Princess Royale, Bel’s Starlet, Blue Viking, Ms. Royal Flagship, Trail Guide, and Dogwood Patty. Our Mims’ grandson, 1997 Breeder’s Cup™ Sprint winner Elmhurst, arrived in October of 2011.

8 responses to “Taba Dance dies on her 26th birthday”

  1. Delrene

    If you visit Kentucky, Our Mims is a must see. Hospitality of J. Mirabito was exquisite and the grand ladies of the farm are just amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to her retirement home for these great girls and Old Friends, of course. So lovely to read of the care and responsibility by this owner. I have no doubt this horse will rest in peace knowing she was loved for always. Thank you for this article on stellar stewardship of a lovely mare.

  2. SusanA

    Cathy Dickinson has a new fan and although I’m not in the thoroughbred industry, I “applaud her dedication”. Thank God for people like her and OMRH!

  3. cheri vaughan

    What a wonderful story, even in the sadness of the news it brought. I am positively encouraged by the manners and class of Taba’s connections! Bravo. And, I am sure Taba is resting in peace.


    Beautifully and truthfully said. Thank you, Clare.

  5. Clare

    Thank you Susan for posting Taba Dance’s passing. She, like all of The Ladies at Our Mims Retirement Haven, had her own personality that made her uniquely special. The Dickenson’s are the type of owners who set the bar. They don’t talk the talk but they walk that walk in caring for their horses after they have left the track. And without any qualms, they stepped forward to sponsor Taba Dance during her stay and into her passing. And Jeanne Mirabito, an angel who has the courage and compassion to care for these elderly mares and then have to make those hard decisions when it comes to quality of life. Taba Dance lived 26 beautiful years and will be remembered by many and forgotten by few. Rest in Peace Taba Dance.

  6. Judith Ochs

    Thanks to Jeanne for doing what many cannot or will not – it cannot be easy to care and love for so many and know that you will lose them. A special kind of courage possessed by few. Thanks to the Dickensons who stepped up to the plate and did the right things for Taba Dance. She was loved – and knew it. Humans and animals can only hope they end up the same way, loved and cared for.

  7. jeanne

    Thank you, Susan. Taba Dance was a great mare and deserves to be remembered by all. Her owners, the Dickensons, are deserving of high praise.


    So sad, so young and the passing was on her 26th Birthday. Condo,ences to Jeanne, all at OUR MIMS RETIREMENT HAVEN and to her owner, Cathy Who diligently did the right thing and took care of her needs all the way. More owners should be so mindful and heart caring. bless all who knew and loved sweet Taba Dance.

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