Laura Hillenbrand backs TRF horse Quite Rightly

Quite Rightly, a great-grandson of Affirmed, has been sponsored by bestselling author Laura Hillenbrand

Quite Rightly, a great-grandson of Affirmed, has been sponsored by bestselling author Laura Hillenbrand

Laura Hillenbrand, bestselling author of Seabiscuit: An American Legend and Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, announced last week that she will sponsor a great-grandson of Triple Crown winner Affirmed in his retirement at one of her favorite charities, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

Hillenbrand’s pledge to support ex-racehorse Thoroughbred Quite Rightly, a beautiful bay who resides at the Central Maryland Correctional Facility’s Second Chance Farm, was offered to honor a dear friend who lost his Affirmed mare to colic, and to show her support for the horses and people at the TRF.

In an interview with, Hillenbrand explains that shortly after her friend Jeff Morris, a former breeder and trainer, lost his beloved Affirmed mare North Park Legend to a severe case of colic last Wednesday, she went to the TRF website in hopes of finding another descendent of Affirmed whom she could sponsor.

Quite Rightly
Sire: Miswaki
Dam: Debonairness
Foal date: March 17, 1998
Earnings: $149,770 in 45 starts
She sought to pay tribute to Morris and North Park Legend, a mare who was in foal when she died with her head in Morris’ arms.

“I was so heartbroken for (Jeff), and wanted to do something that would balance the terrible loss,” Hillenbrand says. “I could do nothing to help North Park Legend, but I could do something to help another horse in need.”

His grief in losing the sweet-tempered mare he’d hoped to protect and keep happy was impetus to make a soothing gesture, she adds, noting, “It was my way of making something good come of something so sad.”

Having lost count of the number of TRF horses she has sponsored in the past, Hillenbrand says she is proud to be affiliated with a “wonderful organization,” which is passionately devoted to the welfare of horses, and that has helped find happy homes for horses she has sponsored in the past. New homes where they are “lavished in kindness and the best possible care.”

Hillenbrand further praises the TRF for its yeoman’s work caring for thousands of horses over the years, and for its innovative inmate program at correctional facilities, which offers inmates a chance to connect and care for horses who might otherwise be forgotten, or worse.

“The communion that forms between these once-outcast horses and their inmate caretakers is so special, and I find it so moving that in helping to save these horses, the inmates are saving themselves,” Hillenbrand says. “The TRF has rescued some 4,000 horses over the years, saving many from a hideous fate in a slaughterhouse. It is an essential organization, and I’m proud to contribute anything I can to it.”

Before retiring at the TRF, Quite Rightly earned $149,770 in 45 starts, racing primarily in Florida, New York and the mid-Atlantic region.

Not a horseplayer, Hillenbrand says she has enjoyed watching equine athletes she describes as “extraordinary creatures,” and she would hope that others who have also enjoyed watching horse races would consider contributing to the TRF or another organization supporting retired racehorses.
“I don’t ever place bets on races, and am not financially involved in the racing industry. But I think any of us who draw pleasure from watching these extraordinary creatures race owes something to them.

“If I have cheered a racehorse on, if I have marveled at his beauty or his performance, I feel like I should give him something back. The thing racehorses need more than anything else is a happy home after retirement. I feel an obligation to do my part to see that they receive that. It’s the least we can do. My involvement in the TRF is my way of doing that. I hope more people will do the same.”

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  1. Sally

    I am saddened by the horse’s pain and suffering, and to Jeff for his beloved loss. Thank you to Laura Hillenbrand for her awareness and caring of such beautiful animals, and of people, as well, and for her genuine dedication to further do more good for this and other horses. Thank you for sharing this and making people aware.

  2. Ashley

    Barbara, using oil for a colicing horse is one of the first response methods. However, colic can also cause a horse to twist up their intestines from rolling around in discomfort and can often be fatal and requires surgery.

    Anyways, very cool of Laura for sponsoring this horse!

  3. Kristina V.

    Ms. Hillenbrand is an exceptional writer. I am happy to know that she is also dedicated to helping OTTB’s in need. Too many individuals of importance (including intellectuals) say things and never deliver on them. Ms. Hillenbrand proves to be the complete opposite through her dedication to helping at risk horses. For this she deserves the utmost respect.

  4. Barbara Griffith

    I don’t understand why vets that treat colic don’t pour a gallon jug of mineral oil down the horse even before giving it a pain killer. I have read other articles about horses dying with colic just like this trainers mare. The mineral oil starts going through the intestines and loosens everything up. I had two horses in past years that were saved doing this that would have died without it. Both animals stomachs quit making any normal sounds that you can hear if you press your head against the horses side was totally silent. Before that was done one of the horse was already laying on her side. When both horses was given the oil after a short time both horses were sitting up and the next morning was up on their feet. It works like a laxative and clears out the blockage.

    This is two different horses that I owned at different times in the past few years. I have read a number of articles where a vet was called and treated the horse with drugs instead of the oil and the horse died. What a waste.

    1. Vicki

      Barbara – let me know when you complete 4 yrs of a Bach of Sc & another 4 yrs of vet at an acredited vet college….. Then add all your knowledge of being a barn owner. Do some research on colic. You’ll be embarassed at what you’ve posted. There are different types of colic.

  5. Maureta Ott

    I wish a lot more felt the same way as Laura does regarding race horses. One does not have to be involved in the sport, but if one does enjoy or is thrilled by the site of a Thoroughbred battling it out on the track (same for Standardbreds ), then it is completely fitting to support these wonderful animals’ aftercare.

    Thank you, Laura for your support and what a fitting tribute to your friend for the loss of his beloved mare. My condolences to Mr. Morris.

  6. cheri vaughan

    YES!!! Article made me smile, broadly!!

  7. Sallen

    Just wanted to say to Jeff Morris that I am so very sorry for your loss…and to Laura…thank you!


    As with everything Laura writes, her words here perfectly say what we feel…and she puts her money and words where her heart is…and then goes into action. A true human being.

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