Old Friends Equine welcomes Silver Ray

Silver Ray lands softly on the green grass of Old Friends

Silver Ray lands softly on the green grass of Old Friends

(Press Release)
GEORGETOWN, Ky. – Silver Ray, a graded-stakes winner who was rescued from potential slaughter, has arrived at Old Friends, the Thoroughbred Retirement Center in Georgetown, Ky.

It was an unexpected turn of events that turned Silver Ray’s life around. Earlier this summer the stallion was discovered at a livestock auction in Mira Loma, Calif. by April Smith. Suspecting he night be headed for a slaughterhouse, Smith bought him for a mere $30.

After uncovering his identity, Smith contacted Catherine Trope, founder of the Glendale-based Polo Pony Rescue and Trope helped nurse the ailing ex-racer, now 24, back to health.

After the Glendale News-Press ran a feature about Silver Ray’s rescue and recovery, it came to the attention of his one-time owners, Jerry and Ann Moss, who are best known for campaigning the champion mare Zenyatta.

The Mosses are supporters of Old Friends; they worked with founder and president Michael Blowen to secure Silver Ray a spot at the Kentucky farm.

Bred in the Bluegrass, Silver Ray (Silver Hawk – Danceland by Little Current) won the GR3 Hoist the Flag stakes in 1991 and came in third in three other graded stakes, including the 1992 El Camino Real Derby. His career earnings total $268,532.

As a Thoroughbred stallion Silver Ray sired 47 foals in 13 lifetime crops with 11 winners. He was eventually sold to a dressage trainer and had some success as a sire of sport horses.

“Great teamwork brought this wonderful stallion to Old Friends,” said Blowen “We’re grateful to everyone, including Brook Ledge Horse Transportation, for bringing Silver Ray home.”

To learn more about the Polo Pony Rescue, Inc. call toll free (855) 765-6777 or visit the website at www.poloponyrescue.com.

For more information about Silver Ray or any of the retirees at Old Friends, call the farm at(502) 863-1775 or visit the website at www.oldfriendsequine.org.

10 responses to “Old Friends Equine welcomes Silver Ray”

  1. Delrene Sims

    So pleased all went well with Silver Ray. I followed his story on Polo Pony Rescue and facebook too. He looks just terrific and thanks to all for making his story a very happy ending.

  2. Marilyn Lee-Hannah

    Karma was on his side…thankful that he found his way (with the help of kind and compassionate souls)to Old Friends…

  3. Kristi

    Cathleen did an excellent job rehabbing this stallion and finding him a retirement home. I’ve followed his story on Polo Pony Rescue and on Facebook. She is an honest person who has spent the majority of her adult life advocating for thoroughbred retraining, rescue and responsible rehoming. The best news is that now that Silver Ray has moved to old Friends, she’ll have room to rescue and rehab another one!

    Please don’t assume that because someone owned a horse in the past that they are the ones responsible for the horse landing at a livestock auction. There is photographic evidence show that Silver Ray was well cared for when he was owned by the dressage breeder/trainer. Unfortunately people will lie to get a horse for free or cheap and they end up in the slaughter pipeline as a result. 🙁

  4. Cathleen Trope

    I should also note that the dressage people felt terrible and wanted to help but have serious illness in the family and are out of horses. But bottom line – site check, contracts and google are not just for rescues.

  5. Cathleen Trope

    I can answer TB Dancer’s question. The dressage folks, seeing the downturn in the market, decided to get out of breeding. So they sold him. Unfortunately they didn’t investigate the buyer thoroughly. The buyer was a low end race trainer/breeder who is a frequent flyer at the livestock auction. Typical case of horse people being too trusting. Not everyone is a good home.

  6. franboxwood

    Great job to one and all on this including the other rescues that posted it all over FB…

  7. Kim Alexander

    I agree with TB Dancer. I’d like to know who that dressage trainer was, too. But I’d prefer to be in the room of the person who let this happen…with a baseball bat.

  8. S.Allen

    Praise God for the Mosses and M. Blowen/Old Friends—AGAIN! Hope to be able see this champ at OF next month! You are a lucky guy, “Silver Ray” and I bet you think you’re in heaven!

  9. TBDancer

    Would love to be a fly on the wall and find out why Silver Ray left the “dressage trainer” with the “sporthorse breeding program” and ended up at Mira Loma’s feed lot. Those who use and throw away horses are not limited to the racetrack.

    1. TBDancer

      Sent before I added: Congratulations and two thumbs up to April Smith, Catherine Trope and the Mosses for doing the right thing by this stallion.

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