Renaissance TB Show set for Sept. 29

Havoc Wreaker with James McDonald at last year's Renaissance Show

Havoc Wreaker with James McDonald at last year’s Renaissance Show

Though it was canceled mid-summer, organizers and attendees of the Thoroughbred Renaissance Horse Show will prove on Sept. 29th that the show, in fact, must go on.

And it will.

Beginning at 8 a.m. at the Tammy Johnson Training at White Birch Stables Schooling Show at 59 Blanchard Road, Wilton, N.Y., a series of schooling English and Western classes will unfold, offering “diehard” Thoroughbred fans an opportunity to show off their off-track Thoroughbreds, says show founder, Fiona Farrell.

Although Farrell was forced to cancel the second-annual event due to issues about the event location, fans and competitors came out of the woodwork to insist the event go on, she says.

“We were really lobbied into making it work,” Farrell says. “Competitors called and said things like, ‘When are we going to show?’ ‘When’s the show? ‘We want to show!”

Mymommadonetoldme and Sophie Jansen at last year's show

Mymommadonetoldme and Sophie Jansen at last year’s show

With that kind of feedback, Farrell was energized to reach out to Grand Prix rider Tammy Johnson, a talented equestrian with a soft spot for Thoroughbreds.

“Due to the extreme kindness and generosity of Tammy Johnson, and of her belief and fondness for Thoroughbreds, we’re able to hold the Renaissance Horse Show after all,” Farrell says.

The show, which will be very relaxed, and not require formal attire, will begin with conformation, showmanship and lead line, and progress into beginner and intermediate under saddle and pleasure classes. Three Jockey Club TIP classes and classes for non-Thoroughbreds will also be offered.

Jumping classes over cross-rails and two-foot fences, culminating with a one-fence high jump, will also be held, along with a $55 Thoroughbred Trail Class, sponsored in the name of chestnut filly FiftyfiveFiftyFive.

Tammy Johnson is accepting re-registrations via email: And those interested in volunteering may contact Fiona Farrell at

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  1. Sally

    Does your horse have to be off the track, or just a thoroughbred. My mare was at a race barn, but never raced.

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