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The Prodigious Fund,  named for ex-racehorse Prodigious (above) has enlisted 5 trainers for a 100-day training project

Emerald Downs taps 5 trainers for OTTB show

Emerald Downs announced that five trainers and five ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds have been selected to compete in The Prodigious Fund’s 100-Day Challenge. The Trainer Challenge, which carries the name of Prodigious, a hard-knocking ex-racehorse, seeks to raise awareness about the trainability and versatility of the Thoroughbred. By demonstrating that a green racehorse can be re-trained for new disciplines, ranging from Extreme Trail and Western to Three-Day Eventing, the competition will feature five trainers from a variety of backgrounds putting one-time racehorses through the paces. Each trainer has 100 days to complete their training in preparation for a Thoroughbred Only Horse Show […]