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Donna Keen gets a hug from Yeah Me Do. Photo by Terri Cage Photography

A gift from Papiese family: a 20-stall barn opens

This week, a horse-rescue proprietor with a glass-half-full personality reaped the benefits of all her positive thinking —about horse racing and its stewards—when a first-rate racing family stepped up and built a 20-stall barn for her nonprofit Remember Me Rescue. On March 19, the final touches were completed on a state-of-the-art facility built by Midwest Thoroughbreds owners Richard and Karen Papiese for the optimistic champion of OTTBs, Donna Keen. The couple, who were honored as the 2011 Eclipse Award finalists for Outstanding Owners, took the remarkable step after reaching out to Keen to express sympathies last July following the loss […]

Heartly Smart works with physical-therapy bands to help build up her hind end

Kissing Spine pioneer doing great 3 weeks out

Three weeks after a New York veterinarian performed pioneering surgery to correct Kissing Spine in a beautiful gray ex-racehorse Thoroughbred, the recovery process continues without a hitch, as the mare starts physical therapy. Sue Swart, president of the New York chapter of ReRun, Inc., and who is supervising the post-op recovery of ex-racehorse Heartly Smart, reports that the mare has begun a regimen of physical therapy exercise to strengthen her back and hind quarters. This week, the mare agreeably accepted the presence of Thera-bands, stretchy, rubber bands, similar to those used in human physical therapy, to begin resistance training. Bands […]

What a Deal and Amy Outerbridge at a recent Bermuda horse show

From feedlot to braided Bermuda show pony

From the Camelot feed lot in New Jersey to the sandy shores of Bermuda, it didn’t take long for Whippany to shake off his sea legs, from days of ship travel, to be reborn as a children’s show pony. Two years after Esther Rebecca Douglas of Bermuda spotted his picture on the Camelot sale-horse listings, and saved him from possible slaughter, What a Deal, as he is now named, is as pretty as a picture, and as cooperative as the most expensive import horse. After a year spent packing children along trails in deep sand, and up rocky terrain, What […]