Rood & Riddle is pleased with Rachel’s progress


Rachel Alexandra and Rood & Riddle’s Brent Comer. Photo courtesy Rood & Riddle

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital released the following press release on Rachel Alexandra’s ongoing recovery from foaling complications:

Veterinarians at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY remain pleased with Rachel Alexandra’s progress following abdominal surgery resulting from foaling complications in mid-February.

Dr. Brett Woodie, who performed the surgery, calls her recovery “better than expected.”

As updated over the weekend, Rachel’s appetite was good enough that she was taken off IV fluids and nutrition on Saturday. She continues to hand walk and graze several times a day and her vitals are normal and her trademark spirit has returned, including a nip here and there.

Dr. Bonnie Barr often credits her progress to the champion mare’s strong will and intelligence, noting that Rachel “let’s us take care of her.” For much of her day, Medicine Technician Brent Comer grooms and keeps Rachel company. The two have become fast friends, with Brent providing ear massages and a full buffet of treats.

We continue to hope for steady, uneventful, daily progress. Please look for the next update one week from today, on March 7th, unless a change in her condition occurs.

3 responses to “Rood & Riddle is pleased with Rachel’s progress”

  1. Lisa Melone

    Glad she’s doing so well. I hope they don’t try to breed the poor mare again, given she’s had 2 difficult births.

  2. TBDancer

    Yay!! Hats off to the Rood and Riddle peeps!!

  3. Jon

    It is so good to see her bouncing back.

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