All-Thoroughbred shows set for stellar 2013

OTTB Dustin's Dreamer is often in the ribbons for owner Fran Burns

OTTB Dustin’s Dreamer is often in the ribbons for owner Fran Burns

Building on the success of last year’s blockbuster all-Thoroughbred horse show season, an alliance has been forged among Thoroughbred welfare organizations, trainers, and racing officials to collaborate on developing bigger, better show venues for Thoroughbred sport horses.

A series of eight all-Thoroughbred shows will be held from April through October to honor the regal ex-racehorse sport horse, according to Fran Burns, a Thoroughbred advocate and newly appointed member of Thoroughbred Alliance Show Series.

The show series is galvanized by the overwhelming popularity of three signature Thoroughbred shows last year: MidAtlantic Horse Rescue Thoroughbred Show, The Totally Thoroughbred Show at Pimlico Race Course, and the Fair Hill Furlongs to Fences TB Show.

Buoyed by the hundreds and hundreds of entrants, and the positive buzz that has spread throughout the horse world, a roster of new all-Thoroughbred shows has been created.

Shows scheduled for 2013 are:

  • April 6—Thoroughbred Festival at Winterplace Park, Salisbury, Md.
  • June 1— MidAtlantic (MAHR) TB Show, Heavenly Waters Equestrian Center, Bel Air, Md.
  • June 7-9, TB Celebration Show, Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, Va.
  • July 13—Totally Thoroughbred Show, Pimlico Racetrack, Baltimore, Md.
  • Aug. 10-11, Loch Moy TB Hunter Jumper Show, Loch Moy Farm, Adamstown, Md.
  • Sept. 7-8, Fair Hill Furlongs to Fences, Fair Hill, Md.
  • Sept. 11-15, The Maryland Horse and Pony Show, Prince Georges Equestrian Center, Upper Marlboro, Md.
  • Oct. 25-27, TB Celebration Show, Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, Va.
Mr. Hennessey at Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue's show last year

Mr. Hennessey and Monica Postma at Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue’s show last year

As a committee member for the Thoroughbred Alliance, Maryland Jockey Club Racing Secretary Georganne Hale, organizer of the successful Pimlico show, is thrilled to help spread the word about Thoroughbred sport-horses.

“We, at the Maryland Jockey Club, are very excited to be part of the first-ever, all- Thoroughbred horse show series,” Hale stated in a press release. “We hope this will bring more awareness that a Thoroughbred’s career does not end at the racetracks.”

Beverly Strauss, cofounder and executive director of MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, is equally excited to join the effort to showcase Thoroughbred talent.

“We are thrilled about the excitement that is building for our OTTBs in the horse show world,” Strauss stated in a press release. “It is time that we got back to the classic Thoroughbred. There isn’t a horse more athletic, intelligent, or willing.”

In addition to Burns, Hale and Strauss, the Thoroughbred Alliance Show Series Committee includes Sue Smith, of CANTER PA; Becky Foster, of The Maryland Horse and Pony Show; and Krista Penny Hodgkin, of Thoroughbred Celebration Horse Shows.

For more information or to register your Thoroughbred in advance for the show series please go to or to Facebook at Thoroughbred Alliance Show Series.

7 responses to “All-Thoroughbred shows set for stellar 2013”

  1. Barbara

    We’re having our first All Thoroughbred and OTTB Charity Horse Show down here in Texas on April 27, 2013!!

  2. Dawn Willoughby

    Friends and I could help with Belair, MD. Wouldn’t mind a table displaying NINE barefoot OTTBs who live at Tory Hill, Glen Mill, Pa. Unfortunately none of the horse would enjoy participating. They stay close to home. All are well trained, doing basic classical dressage, some hack out routinely. None of us are interested in competition however.

  3. Cindy

    There will be an OTTB horse show 4/27/13 in Fort Worth, Texas! Details are on the facebook page for Remember Me Rescue. Very excited :o)

  4. Suzanne Hurst

    The KY Horse Park in Lexington, KY would be a perfect venue!

  5. Fran

    Be sure to complete the rider and horse nomination forms at our website so you are eligible for the end of year awards to be presented at the Awards Banquet at Laurel Racetrack!!! Thanks for the awesome article Sue!

  6. KItster

    WE need to grow them in the south as well. Southern Pines, Aiken, Tyron, and Ga would be great!

  7. Sally

    Thank you, Sue, and yes indeed – another sign of Spring! 🙂

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