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Saved twice, Sarah Says Go is a Mom!

Saved twice, Sarah Says Go is a Mom!

                          Sarah Says Go was saved twice before making it home. First, from the New Holland Auction, where horses are commonly at risk to be sold for meat, and shortly after, when sadly, she was scheduled to be euthanized for medical reasons. This is when Anne Buxton, one of her first owners, entered the picture. She had searched for the mare on the Internet, vowing that if she could find her, she would take her home. For many years, Buxton had assumed the mare was dead, but she […]

Sylvan Approval and Fox

On horribly crooked legs, he beat the odds

With legs so tangled they appeared windswept under his frail form, Sylvan Approval struggled with all his might to stand and nurse, but failed every time. “Everybody said he should be put down,” recalls horseman Ann Banks, who from the first, rooted for the little guy, when his survival was hardly certain. “His legs were so crooked. He was the most crooked horse I ever saw, but his owners, Elizabeth and Robert Elliot, just wanted to give him a chance.” Ever since the nerve-wracking birth in May 2000, Sylvan Approval has thrived on second and even third chances. “His first […]

Lisa Molloy: "You're safe now."

Never forgotten, Honorable Ruler brought home

Diana Baker was haunted by the beautiful face of a racehorse she once knew. For years she tracked the lovely large eyed Thoroughbred who grew up on Spring Hill Farm, where she worked and helped to rear him, and was later sold into a racing life. She followed his every step, always putting the word out to his connections that she would take the feller they called Honorable Ruler whenever he was done with racing. “When he ended at Penn National, I spoke with his trainer, and said I would give the horse a home when he was done racing,” […]