5 responses to “New Vocations announces holiday ‘half-off’ sale”

  1. L. Melone

    What a great idea–let’s hope they find homes for more than 39 this year! Great job!

  2. Carie

    My farrier and I have both adopted from New Vocations. Wonderful people to work with, and we both have wonderful horses because of them. We have had our guy for over 10 years now, and thankful for this group everyday!

  3. Shirley VerHoef

    Sounds absolutely wonderful. The picture I saw of the Chestnut was so handsome!
    Where is New Vocations located.?

  4. Kristin Banks

    I can not think of a better holiday present!
    Why even HM The Queen now has an ex-racer 🙂

  5. Tara MacLeod

    LOVE IT!!!

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