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Limeheart, as he appeared on Deb Jones' Facebook page

Limeheart, a $120K yearling rescued for $0

There was nothing so remarkable to see, really, but Denise Mathews had to look twice. Plain and brown, the fragile mare had a body score of 2 out of 9 on the weight chart, meaning she had dwindled to a dangerously low weight; she looked more like a tufted mutt who’d scampered from a back ally than the robust racehorse she once was. “The thing is, I’ve seen so many horses on Facebook who need help,” Matthews says. “I probably keep up with 50 different rescues, and when I see pictures of these desperate horses, my heart goes out to […]

Aboard van, headed to safety

Fleet of Angels drives like hell from danger

Fleet Of Angels ( was launched with the singular purpose to connect a warm-hearted volunteer convoy of horse-haulers to prospective horse adopters, who simply lack the resources to transport these needy animals, and rescue them from danger. Begun by longtime equestrian and horse lover Elaine Nash approximately six months ago, the mission of Fleet of Angels is straight forward: Bring at-risk horses from danger to safety, she says. Having watched too many rescue horses flounder on Facebook, with their photographs posted and cross-posted to people who may not be able to really help, Nash decided to launch the organization that could […]

Finder play on the set

OTTB Finders Key lights up War Horse

Author’s note: This story was originally published on Jan. 6, 2012 Before Steven Spielberg’s movie lens created a cinematic star out of a rearing, wild-looking ex-racehorse named Finders Key, the petite bay was a bit—well— forgettable. Even to the well-trained eye of owner and trainer Bobby Lovgren, his talent was initially a bit hard to spot. “I didn’t recognize his potential for quite some time,” says Lovgren in a telephone interview with this week. “I had him for approximately two or three months and really got to spend a lot of time with him,” before uncovering the powerhouse of […]