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A gray filly sustained a cut to the bone

A doe-eyed gray filly lives, her savior fights on

The deep gash oozing so darkly across the angelic pale face of the nameless filly, riveted Mindy Lovell’s attention the way a red flag might a bull. In the five years she’d spent rescuing Thoroughbreds from slaughter, Lovell had seen things, unimaginable things: She’d witnessed horses arriving dead in shipping trucks, trampled by other terrified horses; Pregnant mares laboring through spontaneous abortions in transport, and injuries so horrible that once regal Thoroughbreds hobbled like cripples. But on this day as she witnessed the dappled-gray filly with the bludgeoned face, it seemed to crystallize all that she’d seen before, chasing after […]

Rapid Redux hat

Hats off to Old Friends Equine!

The Fourth Annual fundraiser Hats Off to the Horses: The Road to the Derby to benefit Old Friends Equine kicked off this month with a dazzling headpiece of fuchsia and yellow. The first of six stylish Derby hats offered for sale this month, was crafted and auctioned by Cape Cod milliner Sally Steinmann, of Maggie Mae Designs.  The bright, sweeping number was inspired by the racing silks of Rapid Redux. Each month, a new hat will be unveiled and auctioned to benefit the sprawling Kentucky farm where Michael Blowen offers retirement homes to great ex-racehorses. Bids on the hats can be […]

La Grange and Priscilla Godsoe

Once goofy steeplechaser heads to Grand Prix

All ears, head and legs, La Grange was quite a site. Already rejected as a steeplechase prospect, the two-year-old gangly oddball was offered to the team of James Paxson and Priscilla Godsoe, of River Hills Fox Hounds; What they saw was no beauty. “He was so rangy looking. He was in good weight, but very immature looking, almost unattractive,” Godsoe says. “Of course, I fell in love with him right away.” From that point in 2007, Godsoe made it her mission to get La Grange to smarten up, pay attention, and start looking like a winner. Inside of their first […]