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David and Malibu

Software engineer reboots life on horse farm

This story was originally published in June 2010. For 18 years David Wilson worked in a cubicle as a medical-equipment software engineer. It was a pretty good life until he decided the grass was greener on a horse farm. That realization dawned shortly after he and his daughter Victoria, who was five going on six at the time, took a riding lesson together in 2001. “I had just finished reading the Little House on the Prairie series to her, and horses were featured pretty heavily in it, so I asked if she wanted to take a riding lesson,” he says. […]

Mad for Smarty on beach romp

A blissful year spent with Smarty Jones’ son

A path of unhurried bliss has been the life, for both Mad For Smarty and his new owner, ever since the good people at Three Chimneys Farm brought them together last January. Madison Scott, a longtime Smarty Jones devotee who often wrote letters to Three Chimneys about their Kentucky Derby winning racehorse, was given the son of the famous stallion, himself a successful racing Thoroughbred, in what can only be described as a gift of a lifetime. Mad for Smarty had been intertwined with Scott’s life for years before he became hers. In 2009, after having addressed many fan letters […]

Jen with her OTTB Shotgun Shine, a.k.a. Gage

Q&A with Jen Roytz of Three Chimneys Farm

Three Chimneys Farm Communications Director Jen Roytz is like a racehorse who possesses the magical combination of talent at both distance and sprint races. In her world of marketing for one of the premiere racehorse breeding farms in the United States, she deftly navigates between her many duties, which include promoting the farm, its star stallions and their progeny, and stepping up, time and time again, to help horse advocates rescue ex-racehorses who fall through the cracks. And she has fun along the way. When it looked like Kentucky Derby winner I’ll Have Another, the son of Three Chimneys stallion […]