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Spectacular Won, a kill-pen OTTB, and Lisa

Clubhouse Q&A: Beauty secrets of the OTTBs

The Chestnuts sparkle brightly in the late-morning sun, and Grays pop from the page, their dappled coats glistening on a cloudy day. Nearly every scene captured of the fair-haired lady and the hundreds of Thoroughbreds her photos have helped sell, appear to be from Ralph Lauren or Horse and Hound. All carefully crafted with a few tricks of the trade. In this week’s Clubhouse Q&A, Lisa Molloy, a Thoroughbred trainer who has worked for several re-homing organizations, including New Vocations, ReRun and Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue, tells us her secrets for bringing out the beauty of OTTBs, making them into “dream […]