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Photo courtesy of Rick Capone

In Brief: Eternal Orage dies; TB show results

Eternal Orage passes at Old Friends Michael Blowen, president and founder of Old Friends announced this morning that Eternal Orage, a favorite at his Thoroughbred retirement farm, died at age 25 of a heart attack. “Eternal Orage was a personal favorite,” Blowen stated in a press release. “I saw him win several races in New England, including the Sam McCracken Memorial, a handicap named for the late Boston Globe turf writer and one of my dearest friends.” Blowen also noted that, Joe DiRico, the great racehorse’s owner, visited the aging animal at Old Friends a month ago. The horse was bred by […]

Endless Storm, a lucky broodmare

Outpouring saves 10 doomed broodmares

The tipoff came early last Saturday. Thoroughbred advocate Deborah Jones answered her phone in her California home and learned that ten Thoroughbred mares had just been dropped off at the Round Mountain Livestock Auction in Texas, a sale frequented by kill buyers, and if they were to be saved, she’d have to act quickly. Responding with something akin to a military scramble, Jones immediately phoned Donna Keen of Texas-based Remember Me Rescue to secure stalls for the doomed animals, and then contacted Dallas businessman and Thoroughbred racehorse owner John R. Murrell for funding assistance. “When I contacted him, I said, […]

Saccer Hill on Little Feet

Reader’s Clubhouse: ‘Racing from Death’

Long before she piloted Circus Rullah to victory at the 1986 Potomac Hunt (steeplechase) Race, and long before she dove into the exciting world of Maryland Thoroughbred racing as an owner and trainer, Lynda Sasscer Hill was an eager fifth-grade student tasked with a writing assignment. Instructed by her teacher to pen a story, the little girl, obsessed like most with tales of The Black Stallion and other horsey lore, let her passion come tumbling out in words on paper. When her teacher finished reading her work to the class, a child asked, breaking a momentary silence, “Well, what happens […]