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Working in rhythm

Clubhouse Q&A: Remaking her OTTB

His coat shining, his ears forward, Duncan moved in balance with his owner and rider Lauren Cheeseman. It took about a year to arrive at this point, and Cheeseman was so proud of their accomplishments that she had photos taken that would always remind her of how wonderful it felt to be riding her trusty ex-racehorse on a perfect Canadian day. In this week’s Clubhouse Q&A, Cheeseman talks about her accomplishments with her ex-racehorse, who ran under the name El Gran Papa, as she looks eagerly toward a future of showing. Q: Lauren, you recently had a wonderful series of […]

Dr. Woodrow Friend

Jockey Club, Rood & Riddle on microchipping

They’re the size of pencil lead, but as an identification tool for racehorses, the implantable microchip leaves an indelible mark; one that neither fades nor blurs with the passage of time. For it’s undeniable accuracy in revealing the identity of a Thoroughbred racehorse, and other breeds, use of the microchip has been embraced in the European horse world, according to Bob Curran, the Jockey Club’s vice president of corporate communications. “They’re a really good means of secondary identification,” says Curran, noting that in 2008, the Jockey Club began encouraging Thoroughbred owners to microchip their horses, offering them for sale on […]

Zippy arrives at Old Friends

News Briefs: Old Friends gets ‘biggest loser;’ Day at the Races planned at Suffolk Downs

Old Friends Welcomes Most Losing Racehorse Zippy Chippy, a 21-year-old best known for his losing streak on the track— he was defeated in 100 consecutive races—has been welcomed at Old Friends Equine in Georgetown, Ky. this summer as a winner. Zippy arrived July 13 with his buddy Red Down South, on loan from Old Friends satellite facility in Greenfield, N.Y., to be welcomed by a “huge fan base in Kentucky,” according to Old Friends founder Michael Blowen. Blowen stated in a press release that Zippy, whose motto is, ‘winners don’t always finish first,’ will reside at the Kentucky headquarters through […]