Steuart Pittman to teach NH clinic this weekend

Pittman teaches at Thoroughbreds for All event

Twenty-one Thoroughbreds, including half-breeds and at least six ex-racehorses, will converge at Green Acres Stables in Madbury, N.H., this weekend to learn cross-country with an advanced eventer and ex-racehorse proponent.

Level II instructor Steuart Pittman, who masterminded and promotes the Retired Racehorse Training Project, will take his methods and ideas to the fields of the Seacoast area farm, offering tips and advice for riders seeking to finesses their horses’ cross-country skills.

Beyond that, the two-day clinic is a marvelous opportunity to promote ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds as Sporthorses, says Jennifer Montfort, CANTER New England board member.

“We’re all on a huge groundswell of publicity highlighting why OTTBs are good for whatever discipline you have in mind; and, Steuart has been a huge force behind that with his Retired Racehorse Project,” Montfort says.

Hoping to capitalize on the burgeoning excitement surrounding Pittman’s efforts, CANTER New England has partnered with Southern New Hampshire Dressage and Combined Training Association, the hosts of the event, to put an “OTTB spin” on the weekend, Montfort adds.

Clinic participants who own OTTBs will be encouraged to connect with CANTER New England, so that the re-homing organization can add the horse’s racing name to its database, and build on an ever-growing collection of success stories stemming from the local racing scene.

“We are thrilled to partner with Southern New Hampshire Dressage and Combined Training Association!” Montfort says. “I think it’s especially exciting that this is taking place in our neck of the woods. We hope the event will help increase awareness of the benefits, talent and adaptability of ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds.”

Pittman in competition

Montfort notes that Unbridled’s Jewel, an ex-racehorse who last raced at Suffolk Downs, has a new name—The Tempest— and will be participating in the Saturday clinic.

Montfort praises Pittman’s Retired Racehorse Training Project, and subsequent demonstrations of racehorse training, for “jump starting” the movement to promote OTTBs to the horse-buying public.

His work, she says, demonstrates what fine “athletes” ex-racehorses are, and “the reasons everyone should want one.”

Montfort will be on hand at the clinic to answer questions about CANTER New England.

For more information, please send an email to: And, for more information about how to audit the clinic, please visit Southern New Hampshire Dressage & Combined Training Association.

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