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Priscilla Godsoe, doing what she loves

Clubhouse: Priscilla Godsoe’s life in the saddle

Priscilla Godsoe lives her life according to Winston Churchill’s famous quote that no time is wasted in the saddle. So, up at dawn and back home after dark, Godsoe’s life is wrapped up in horses Whether foxhunting or race training, the show jumping equestrian from the mid-Atlantic runs her life as if on Greenwich Mean Time. In this week’s installment of Reader’s Clubhouse, walks us through a typical day. Q: Your work is done from a saddle, either at foxhunts, racetracks or in a show arena. Please describe your job. Fox hunting – My job is as a ‘whipper-in’ for […]

Captain Jack and Galbari have a chat

Captain Jack rekindles joy, inspires Irish lass

Nuala Galbari leans in close to the large, winsome face of Captain Jack as he, in turn, bends toward her lilting, soft voice; he cocks an ear. Quickly, before she steps into the stirrup to hoist herself up, she whispers a little mantra of sorts, a haiku, inspired by her new, gentle friend, and laced with the literary flair of a children’s book author, and native of Ireland. “Captain Jack,” Galbari says, “I love you I trust you I will take care of you You will take care of me Let’s go for a ride!” With that, the 58-year-old children’s […]

Daelin and Ben

Misquote proves ’em wrong, is no mistake

On the Canadian track where the little bay racehorse tried his best for those who wished he would win, he rarely put a foot right. It didn’t take long before folks around the Ft. Erie track began to joke about his performance, and turned his Jockey Club name, Misquote, into a derisive nickname, “Mistake.” In 32 starts, he crossed the finish line only once as a winner. And, in just two others, hit the board with a second or third-place showing. It wasn’t until he had been retired from racing, and left to grow his hair long, that someone with […]