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‘People give up on them too easily’

The large gelding stood meekly in the Ontario barn waiting for his owner to recognize him. Much thinner now, his once well-muscled body, more like a Warmblood’s than that of a Thoroughbred ex-racehorse, had shrunk in the months since Lauren Cheeseman had seen him last. So when she did finally have the opportunity to peer more closely at the lackluster animal who now turned an indifferent eye on her, she felt a little sick. “Someone had to draw my attention to him” because I couldn’t find him. “When I went to see him at his barn last November, I just […]

On the hunt

A whip cracks, hounds howl, a T-bred powers on

Growing up on a small bucolic horse farm, Emma Biederman saw her mother do something heroic. After the New England racing season had ended, her mom opened up her small lesson barn in the mountains of Vermont to dozens of ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds in need of temporary homes. Gleaming athletic animals filled every stall, with dozens more filling up makeshift ones erected in the indoor riding arena. And while the horses waited, each their turn, for re-training by Biederman’s mother, from the sidelines, Biederman watched, and marveled. “The horses were amazing to me,” Biederman says. “Watching them retrain with my mother […]

Cape Cod milliner crafts hats to help horses

If you look closely at Sally Faith Steinmann’s gossamer hats, you’ll see reflections of racehorses, the awe-inspiring great ones.

The regal, powerful head of Black Tie Affair is captured in soft silver dupioni silk and silver silk organza in a design reflecting movement with light and shadows; in another, Barbaro’s Kentucky Derby victory is represented by eight roses—the number of his post position—entwined on a hat constructed of chocolate dupioni silk, a color and shape representing his powerful form.

“Each hat,” Steinmann says, “is a unique artistic experience that unfolds as I study and research my equine subjects.